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This Tennessee passenger endorsement practice test is designed to help prospective passenger vehicle drivers prepare for the P endorsement DOS assessment. If you want to drive a taxi, a city bus or any other passenger carrying vehicle, passing the TN CDL passenger test will be essential to your training. This qualification was created for passenger drivers to make sure that anybody transporting passengers for a living has the necessary skills and knowledge of rules and regulations to do so, while maintaining the safety and comfort of themselves and their passengers. The type of passenger vehicle you wish to drive will determine whether there are any other endorsement exams you must pass, besides the Tennessee DMV passenger test and the CDL general knowledge test. When you are ready to begin familiarizing yourself with P endorsement material, we recommend factoring this CDL passenger vehicles practice test for Tennessee learners into your daily routine as soon as possible.

We have built the DMV passenger practice test to serve as a learner-support tool, not as a complete study solution to get you through the DMV permit test. Even a practice CDL test TN quiz as comprehensive as the one on this page cannot provide sufficiently detailed descriptions of every endorsement test topic to prepare students for the written test, without support from the official study material. The DOS-recommended study material for the passenger permit test can be found in the P endorsement chapter of the Tennessee CDL general knowledge study guide. If you have already taken the CDL general knowledge test you should have a copy of this guide, otherwise they can be downloaded free of charge here or from the DMV website. We recommend that students who passed the DMV general knowledge test over a year ago download a new 2020 copy of the handbook, just incase any of the passenger vehicles rules and regulations have been updated. With regard to the general knowledge exam, it is important to be aware that you must pass it before applying to the DMV for a passenger permit or any other CDL endorsement. Passing the general knowledge exam is easy, when you base your studies around our CDL general knowledge practice test for Tennessee drivers.

Whether there are any other exams to pass before you begin working with this TN passenger practice test for 2020 applicants will depend on the class of passenger vehicle you plan to operate. Regular Class C taxi drivers do not require any further qualifications beyond general knowledge and the passenger permit, so if that is your goal you are free to start learning with our Tennessee CDL practice test. On the other hand, Class B passenger vehicles such as school buses and city buses do demand another endorsement, as the Air Brakes permit is a compulsory addition to all Class B and Class A licenses. You can study for that assessment with the ePermitTest.com CDL Class B practice test Tennessee quiz. When you have successfully added whichever mandatory endorsements you require to your license, it will be time to get acquainted with P endorsement test topics such as pre and post-trip vehicle inspection, vehicle safety standards, destination announcements and evacuation procedures. Completing an introductory round on this passenger CDL practice test will show you what to expect from the study material in the permit book.
There are no time restrictions on this learners permit practice test for Tennessee students, but as it is designed to be a convenient study solution you should be able to work through every question in around three to five minutes!