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If you’re thinking of applying for a Class B commercial driving license in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville or anywhere else in the state of Tennessee, you’ll need a Class B license TN practice test to help you pass the DOS general knowledge exam. There is nothing stopping you from relying solely on the Tennessee DMV handbook to give you all the information you’ll need – this manual should indeed form the backbone of your studies. However, supporting this guide with a reputable DMV practice permit test can get you ready for the real exam faster and increase your chances of passing it. Taking regular study breaks is well-known to improve a learner’s concentration over time, so whenever you feel yourself tiring from reading the permit test study guide, have a round or two on this TN DMV CDL practice test to refresh your mind and reaffirm what you’ve learned. You’ll probably find it quite a fun addition to your study routine!

What if a Class B commercial drivers license isn’t for you? This class of license qualifies you to drive medium-sized commercial vehicles such as box trucks and small buses, but if you think you might want to drive something larger or smaller from Class A or Class C, don’t worry – this DMV CDL practice test for Tennessee is still suitable! Many students are surprised to find out that there’s no difference on the general knowledge DMV permit test for these three classes. The general knowledge test focuses on material which is relevant across the board, to all vehicles and commercial driving situations. It is the shorter endorsement tests which set the theory examinations across Class C, Class B and Class A apart.

For a Class A learners permit you would need to take an exam for Combination Vehicles and Air brakes endorsements, as these are both mandatory at that level. Class B learner drivers would only be obliged to take the Air Brake endorsement test – though they may choose from many other optional endorsements too, such as HazMat, School Bus, Tank and Passenger. It’s your call which qualifications you go for, though we suggest considering your career path carefully first, so you don’t end up paying for an unnecessary TN DMV test. You should start with the general knowledge DMV test for Tennessee and this corresponding DMV permit practice test, regardless of your ultimate career goals. When you’re ready to study for an endorsement, we’ll have a suitable DMV written practice test on this website waiting for you!

Our DMV practice test 2020 Tennessee quiz will test you on topics featuring in the current permit test study guide. You might also be pleased to find out that many of the DMV test questions which appear on this quiz have been taken directly from real permit test papers! You can be completely confident in your ability to handle the actual exam if you’ve spent a good deal of time tackling realistic questions on a learners permit practice test.

This Tennessee CDL practice test for 2020 is designed to be finished quickly, including just 20 multiple choice questions. Even so, there is no time limit on the test, so you are welcome to take as long as you like to work through it. Remember, you don’t have to get a perfect score right away. You can take this free TN DMV permit test quiz as many times as you feel is necessary, because it is completely free! Why not have a go at the DMV permit practice test right now and see if you’ve got what it takes to score over 80 percent?