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Do you want to earn a living driving Class A vehicles such as combination tank-trucks, livestock transportation vehicles, flat-beds or combination trucks with multiple trailers? There are several mandatory DOS written assessments linked to this class of commercial license and as all Class A vehicles are some form of combination vehicle, the TN CDL combination test is one of them. You can use our Tennessee combination CDL practice test to check out what kind of questions you will need to answer during the Combination Vehicles exam and measure your progress with the endorsement material as you study! This Class A license Tennessee practice test is free to use however many times you need it, so you do not have to worry about answering many of the questions correctly on the first attempt. As you become more confident with the Combination Vehicles endorsement material from the TN permit test study guide, you will begin to answer more questions successfully.

The two other compulsory DMV written tests which all Class A drivers must pass are the CDL general knowledge TN exam and the Air Brakes endorsement permit test. Working with our CDL general knowledge practice test Tennessee quiz is the fastest way to get your knowledge of basic vehicle control, road rules and highway signs up to a sufficient level to pass the first assessment. Then, you can either begin studying for the Air Brakes endorsement test with our Air Brakes DMV CDL practice test or use this Tennessee CDL combination practice test to work toward the Combination Vehicles qualification. These endorsements are equally important for Class A commercial drivers, so it is of no consequence which one you choose to apply for first. If you are not certain at this stage whether you actually require a Class A commercial license, it would be better to study for the air brakes endorsement exam first, as this is compulsory for Class B drivers too. There are other free CDL practice tests on offer elsewhere on our website which target the remaining CDL endorsement exams. You may need to use one or more of them in future if you intend to use your Class A commercial license to transport passengers, hazardous materials or liquids, or to drive multiple-trailer combination vehicles.

All combination vehicles suffer from having a particularly high center of gravity – especially when they are carrying a full load. This makes them very easy to roll over on corners and even very gentle bends, which is why understanding and managing this risk features prominently in the Combination Vehicles section of the permit book and the questions on this CDL combination practice test TN quiz. Using our Class A practice test for Tennessee learners and the permit book side-by-side will also teach you about changing lanes, crossing railways safely, skid control, parking procedures, vehicle inspection and other essential issues. While the endorsement material in the driver’s handbook explains everything, using our Tennessee CDL Class A combination practice test is an equally important aspect of your study plan. Without access to realistic Combination Vehicles test questions and answers, it is extremely difficult to know whether you have assimilated all the information necessary to pass the DMV permit test.
Why not have your first go at answering some authentic questions right now? Designed to be a convenient study tool for even the busiest of driving students, our DMV permit practice test for TN students should take no more than five minutes to work through.