When it comes to the DOS written test in Tennessee for a commercial driving license, it can be difficult to know which study resources you should using. You might have considered using a DMV practice permit test for Tennessee, or simply trying to find a list of permit test answers online. Quizzes, flash cards and other similar resources can be useful during the final stages of your test preparation, as long as you ensure they come from a reputable source. However, there is one study aid you should include in your study plan from the very beginning: the TN driver’s manual for commercial drivers.

This is no ordinary CDL permit test study guide. In fact, it has been produced by the DOS themselves as the official study guide to accompany all the commercial driving license exams. The Tennessee drivers manual for 2021 includes what every driver must know to get through the CDL DMV permit test and each of the shorter endorsement exams. As it is written and distributed by the DMV, you have the luxury of knowing all the information it contains is correct and up-to-date – which is more than we can say for many other unofficial guides!

All you need to do to get your hands on a free copy of the TN drivers license manual is go over to their website and start your free PDF download now. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll have access to the complete Tennessee driver’s handbook for 2021 on your laptop, smart phone or tablet. Why wait for a hard copy of the book to arrive in the mail when you can start studying for the exam right away!

If you’re studying for the CDL general knowledge permit test, you will need to focus on chapters in the driving manual which target basic commercial driving knowledge. Anything which relates to basic vehicle operation, space management, communicating, road sign meanings, rules of the road and safe driving practices is sure to appear on the 50-question general knowledge DMV test for 2021. These topics will be clearly labelled in the initial contents section of the Tennessee CDL driver manual, allowing you to find your way to the material you need easily. Alternatively, if you’re preparing for a TN DMV test for one of the commercial drivers license endorsements such as HazMat, School Bus or Double-Triple Trailer, you can skip passed the general knowledge information and go directly to the chapter that covers your chosen endorsement!

By choosing to use the official 2021 DMV driving manual, you’ll also benefit from having all the important license and application-related details in one, easy-access document. Several chapters of the CDL DMV handbook are dedicated to useful information such as license-types, paperwork requirements, application procedures for residents and non-residents, license renewal and so on. It really takes the pressure off to know exactly where you can find these details when you need them! Plus, as they are not relevant to the general knowledge test or endorsement exams, you will not have to memorize these chapters to pass – phew!

As you complete each relevant chapter of the Tennessee DMV manual, you will benefit from taking some time out to test your knowledge with a DMV written practice test. Answering real DMV test questions on such a quiz will highlight any gaps in your understanding and give you an idea of what to expect during the real test! For commercial driving students in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and other parts of Tennessee, ePermitTest.com is the best source of CDL permit test practice quizzes. We have at least one for each commercial driving DMV written test – and they’re completely free.

Download your free copy of the TN CDL driving manual now, and let’s get started!

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