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If you’re searching for a reliable CDL practice test to prepare you for your Tennessee CDL general knowledge exam, we’ve got some good news – your search is over! Our website is home to some fantastic study tools which can help you with every aspect of your DOS general knowledge learning. Among these tools is this Tennessee CDL general knowledge practice test, which makes an ideal starting point for all commercial learner drivers from Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and every other part of the state.

Have you only just decided to apply for your commercial driving license? Good for you! You’ll be pleased to know that there is no difference in the CDL general knowledge test across the three different classes of commercial driving license. So, whether you’re aiming to drive standard Class C vehicles, mid-sized Class B vehicles or imposing Class A trucks and triple trailers, you’ll have to answer the same questions on the DMV general knowledge test. This also means that whatever your commercial driving dreams might entail, you can use this Tennessee CDL practice test for 2020 to prepare for the exam!

Once you have secured a pass on the general knowledge exam, you will probably want to look at taking additional, smaller endorsement tests to add qualifications to your commercial driving license. These smaller tests usually contain around 20 questions, whereas the CDL general knowledge test has 50. Endorsements serve to further specify what you can and cannot do with your commercial driving license. For instance, you would need a HazMat endorsement to transport hazardous materials, or a Passenger endorsement to drive a taxi. While these exams are smaller, you will probably still need to revise using a suitable DMV practice permit test for TN, of which we have plenty on this website! Though as the CDL general knowledge exam comes first, you should begin your studies with this DMV CDL practice test for Tennessee – and the CDL permit test study guide of course!

One of many free CDL practice tests on our website, this CDL general knowledge Tennessee quiz is the perfect place to get started. The actual exam you’ll take at the DMV test center will contain 50 multiple-choice or “true or false” questions. We’ve used the same format of questions to keep things realistic, but shortened the quiz to contain only 20 questions. Our decision to create a short, DMV permit practice test was based on the understanding that most students do not want to be landed with a full-length CDL general knowledge quiz straight away – it can be a little off-putting! We do have other more time-consuming tests on the website, but this neat little quiz is designed to be wrapped up in under five minutes, so you can fit more DMV exam preparation in anytime!

This DMV practice test 2020 TN quiz requires users to answer 16 questions out of a possible 20 correct. That’s the equivalent of 80 percent, just like the real exam. The real beauty of this CDL general knowledge quiz for Tennessee is that it is completely free, so you can re-take the test as many times as you like without incurring any cost. We suggest that you keep working on it until you can score 90 percent on average, or until you are totally happy with your grade. Don’t forget this online quiz is intended to support your learning with the Tennessee permit test study guide, not to replace it. All the detailed information you could be questioned on during the real exam can be found in that manual.

Best of luck and have fun working on this test!