Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Are you ready to try our SD DMV practice test signs quiz? This test has been designed specifically for learner drivers who need to brush up on their knowledge of road signs and road markings, more than any other aspect of the study material. We have not included any permit test questions on vehicle control or rules of the road here; if you need to challenge your knowledge of those topics we suggest visiting one of our combination South Dakota DMV practice tests instead. The SD road signs test aspect of the theory exam is often overlooked by learner drivers during their studies, as we are told than road signs and markings will only be addressed with roughly seven to ten questions on the test paper. As you are allowed no more than five incorrect permit test answers when sitting the assessment, having weak road sign knowledge could easily ruin your chances of passing the exam.

Our regular DMV permit practice test South Dakota quizzes mirror the design of the real DMV permit test, in that two thirds of the questions they contain target road rules, with the remaining third dedicated to road signs and markings. While realistically structured quizzes can be a great asset in preparation for the DMV written test, they cannot thoroughly address every aspect of the SD DMV road signs chart as there simply are not enough questions reserved for these topics. This is the reason we created the learners permit practice test South Dakota signs quiz on this page! Featuring 20 legitimate questions reserved exclusively for road markings and road signs, this test can show you how well you really know these sub-topics in the permit book. If your road sign knowledge is particularly weak, we suggest working through this quiz, our second road signs practice test and the rotating-question street signs test cheat sheet. When you are satisfied with your score on each of these advanced self-assessment resources, you have the all-clear to return to one of our mixed-question road rule and road sign DMV permit practice tests.

Activate this SD DMV sign test quiz by answering the first question displayed on this page, then work your way through the 19 remaining questions taking as long as you need to consider each problem. Most of the questions on this 2020 DMV practice test for South Dakota drivers feature images, due to the nature of the material being addressed. These are high-quality photographs and diagrams, precisely like those you will encounter during the real permit test DMV exam. In most cases you will be shown a single image of a road sign alongside between two and five possible meanings for that sign and asked to choose a single correct answer from the options listed. The practice road sign test for South Dakota drivers has been built to help you learn from any incorrectly entered responses, by showing you which one of the remaining answers you should have chosen and offering some guidance would should help you answer correctly when you next face a similar question.

There is no time limit on the test though there will be a time-lapse counter visible while you work on it. Initially, your priority should be answering every question correctly regardless of the time it takes to complete the DMV SD practice test. When you reach the stage that you can easily answer all 20 questions correctly, you should repeat the test a few times to bring down your finish time. While the time limit is not necessary, it can provide a good measure of your overall proficiency with the topics.