Get access to free guidance, fantastic learning tools and a range of free DMV practice tests for South Dakota students, right here on We do not charge learner drivers for using our resources, so you are free to access everything and return as often as you like to brush up on your knowledge. If you are an aspiring driver who has yet to have lessons or hold a learner license, your first task will be using our learning tools to prepare for the initial SD DMV permit test. Once this road rule and road sign assessment is out of the way, you can use your new instruction permit to start practicing your driving skills under supervision.

Make sure you have an up-to-date copy of the South Dakota permit test study guide, as this manual contains rules of the road and other essential driving knowledge relating specifically to this state. It only takes a second to get your hands on the driving manual, as it can be downloaded directly from the DMV website or here on When you are ready to start studying for the DMV written test, spend a few minutes having a scan through the permit book. As you can see, it contains an enormous amount of road rule and road sign information, much of which is spread across various chapters rather than contained in one place. Unfortunately, “road rules” encompasses a wide variety of seemingly unrelated information, including seat belt laws, passenger laws, right-of-way rules, railroad crossing rules, using intersections and much more besides. To make your preparation for the 2024 permit test easier, we have extracted every bit of information you may need from the South Dakota DMV handbook and used it to create a complete “Rules of the Road” module on our driver’s education course.

Unlike most drivers ed programs, our SD driver’s ed course is free to use and does not need to be completed within a specific time frame. You can return to different lessons and modules as often as you like, while studying for the South Dakota permit test and the eventual road skills assessment. Before the permit test DMV exam, it would be wise to direct most of your energy towards the “Signs, Signals & Markings” and “Rules of the Road” modules, to avoid overloading yourself with new information. The rest of the drivers ed course is designed to teach you about driver responsibilities, the dangers of impaired driving, how to manage different roadway environments, driving safely at night, alcohol awareness and driving in hazardous conditions. This information will come in extremely handy while you are fine-tuning your driving skills and getting ready to take the SD driving test with a DMV examiner. Note that you will be expected to perform U-turns, three-point turns, parallel parking, angle parking, reversing and various other essential maneuvers during the road skills test. In the module titled “Driving Maneuvers” you can find step-by-step guides and diagrams that will help you execute these basics correctly.

It is best to keep your preparation for the permit test in South Dakota as simple as possible. Besides our drivers ed course and the DMV handbook, all you will need to succeed is access to some good-quality DMV practice test questions. You can find all the DMV test practice quizzes you need – and then some – available free of charge, here on As all the material on our SD DMV permit practice tests has been taken from the driving manual and past exams, we can guarantee it is suitable for learner drivers from Sioux Falls, Pierre, Rapid City and elsewhere in the state.

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