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If you’re a commercial driver in the making but you’re not sure whether you want a Class C, Class B or Class A license, you’ll find all the information you need to make your decision right here on our website. We also have an incredible DMV practice permit test that will help you get ready for the Oregon DMV test in no time at all! We’ll start by giving you a little information about the Class B license test, as this is a particularly popular choice among commercial driving students. The quiz we mentioned above actually works as a Class B license Oregon practice test, so if you’re aiming for Class B, we can help you!

Class B is the medium-weight vehicle category, which includes box-trucks and small buses. Being qualified as a Class B driver opens up a wide range of career options and it only has one mandatory additional endorsement requirement, which is why many students opt for it. Endorsements are smaller qualifications which serve as “add-ons” to your main driving license, depending on what class you go for, some endorsement exams are mandatory and others are optional. At Class B, only the Air Brake endorsement DMV permit test is compulsory. Whereas Class A drivers would need to both the Air Brake and Combination Vehicle endorsement exams. There are no mandatory endorsements at Class C, though you are quite limited in the type of vehicle you are allowed to drive at this level.

All three classes of commercial drivers license require the applicant to pass the general knowledge DMV test for Oregon. This 2020 CDL Class B practice test for Oregon is exactly what you need to prepare for that exam. It targets all the primary CDL general knowledge topics, such as vehicle control, seasonal driving considerations, vehicle inspection, road signs and basic hazardous material considerations. You can read about all these subjects in detail, in the Oregon DMV handbook. It is absolutely vital that you study the DMV booklet thoroughly as well as using this 2020 DMV CDL practice test for Oregon – you’d be very lucky to get through the exam without it. This quiz also works just as well as a Class A practice test for Oregon, as there is no difference in the actual exam across the three classes. Fortunately for you, this means you don’t have to decide what sort of vehicle you want to drive straight away! You can figure that out later once you’ve passed the general knowledge DMV permit test.

You don’t have to worry about setting aside loads of time to use this DMV permit practice test for Oregon; we’ve made it shorter than the real exam, so you should be able to get through it in three to five minutes. However, there is no time-limit on this quiz as it’s designed to be stress-free, so you can take as long as you like to work through it. All the DMV test questions on the quiz are authentic and have been checked against the 2020 DMV handbook for accuracy and relevance. Unlike the real DMV Oregon permit test, this quiz comes with a brilliant learning aid which provides more information about the correct answers. We find this helps to eliminate confusion around tricky topics, giving commercial driving students the boost they need to find the correct answer themselves the next time they’re faced with that topic.

This free drivers permit practice test is perfect for students from Portland, Eugene, Salem and all other regions of the state. Take it for a test drive now and see how good your CDL general knowledge is!