Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Nothing beats the real thing - we know that.  That is why we have designed this free NC motorcycle permit test Simulator to be as close to the exam you will take at the DMV as it is humanly possible.  Just like the real 2019 motorcycle DMV permit test, the Simulator sports 25 multiple choice questions with three or four answers for every question.  Only one of the answers is correct - keep this in mind as you are working on the motorcycle practice test and make sure to carefully read through every provided option before making your selection (you will not be allowed to make any corrections once you mark the right answer for a question).  Whenever you happen to make a mistake (it sucks, we know, but you will miss a question or two from time to time), we will let you know what the right answer is right away, feel free to note it down so you won't commit the same error twice.

Here is something that makes this online motorcycle permit test Simulator different from regular NC motorcycle practice permit tests you might have already taken - the system chooses new DMV questions for the exam every time you reload the page or restart the test.  Regular North Carolina motorcycle DMV practice tests have the same preset question card that is being displayed each and every time.  Sure, the order of DMV questions on the motorcycle permit test card is rotated and shuffled, but they are still the same questions.  The Simulator is different, it will build a unique custom NC motorcycle DMV practice permit test for you each and every time.  Keep this in mind and stay away from the refresh button while working on the test, or you will lose all of your current progress!

How much time should you expect to invest into this free North Carolina motorcycle permit test Simulator before you start seeing some results?  You will see immediate improvements after taking the practice test even once, it is a very fast-acting tool, but you will have to use your grades to monitor the progress.  If you keep on scoring less than 80% every time you take the quiz, we recommend that you stop working on the motorcycle DMV permit test Simulator for now and switch to using regular motorcycle practice tests.  Once done with regular exams, come back to the Simulator and watch your grades soar through the sky! 

Those who continue answering 20-23 permit test questions correctly every time - good on you, this is a pretty good result!  However, there is still room for improvement!  If you continue taking this NC motorcycle practice permit test, yet you don't see your grades improving past that point, grab yourself a copy of the NC motorcycle drivers handbook 2019 and keep it by your side as you are going through these sample motorcycle written questions.  Whenever you hit a question you can't answer, research the topic with the help of the manual. Write out both the question and the answer (writing things down just helps you remember the rules better) on a piece of paper and set it aside.  Keep doing that and you will notice how your grades are starting to climb!

Keep answering 24-25 motorcycle permit test questions correctly every time?  We take our hats off!  You are the king (or the queen, for that matter) and you are more than ready to schedule your motorcycle permit test appointment with the DMV.  Go ahead and take this free North Carolina motorcycle permit test (NC) Simulator once more, pick up the phone and make that call!  Good luck!