Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Congratulations on deciding to take the North Carolina motorcycle learners permit test! We are here to provide you with some useful guidance and great learning tools to get your test preparation off to a flying start. If you think you might benefit from using a practice motorcycle permit test, you’re in luck – we’ve got an amazing motorcycle practice test for NC students on this very website which you can use. For now, let’s get some of the most important advice out of the way.

You might already be aware that the motorcycle permit test is fairly brief, containing just 25 permit test questions. Do not allow this knowledge to make you complacent about studying for the exam; it might be short, but there is no way to know which questions will be included and there is a great deal of revision material to cover. Surprisingly, first-time passes on the permit test are quite unusual. This is likely down to insufficient permit test preparation as students are not taking the exam seriously. Set your mind to studying hard from the beginning and remember – you will have our DMV motorcycle practice test for North Carolina to help you!

This DMV practice permit test for NC learner drivers is suitable for students all around the state, as the exam itself is exactly the same whether you take it in Wilmington, Raleigh or Charlotte. It is also worth noting that the permit test questions are the same whether you’re a first-time driver or adding a motorcycle endorsement to your regular driver’s license. Whoever you are and whatever your situation, this 2020 learners permit practice test for NC can help you achieve your goals in record-breaking time.

We often encounter students who don’t particularly enjoy reading who have attempted to get through the motorcycle permit test, solely by working on a NC motorcycle license practice test. This rarely, if ever works out well, so we strongly advise against it. If you are serious about passing the NC DMV written test on the first attempt it is imperative that you also read the DMV motorcycle handbook thoroughly. A quiz by itself will only ever prepare you for answering a fixed-set of DMV test questions. While this can help to enhance your understanding of the permit test topics and assist you in retaining the information, it is unlikely to give you a detailed-enough understanding of the test-material to get you a pass on the test. Remember, the topics which appear on the NC permit test will always be the same but the questions themselves will vary quite a bit.

The topics we address on this motorcycle DMV practice test for 2020 appear in roughly the same proportion as they will on the real exam. About 50 percent of the questions you answer will be based on general driving facts such as rules of the road and road sign meanings. You might be familiar with this knowledge already – particularly if you already hold a regular license. However, the remaining 50 percent of questions on the exam and our motorcycle permit practice test for North Carolina will focus on motorcycle-specific knowledge, such as defensive driving tactics, vehicle control, fines, penalties and avoiding accidents. You want to pass first time? We suggest focusing on these topics in the DMV handbook and making sure you can answer each one correctly on our NC DMV motorcycle practice test before sitting the actual exam. You can find out how challenging the test will be by starting up our free practice test right now – it only takes around five minutes to complete!