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One of the biggest challenges you will face on the road to becoming a fully-qualified commercial driver, is the Nevada CDL general knowledge test for 2020. With 50 multiple-choice and “true or false” permit test questions, preparing for this exam can be a mammoth task, even for the most accomplished of students. If you’re based in Reno, Las Vegas, Carson City or anywhere else in Nevada for that matter, we’ve got something that can help you get through the DMV permit test. We’re talking about this CDL general knowledge practice test for Nevada, possibly the best of its kind. Decent CDL practice quizzes should not be underrated. When used correctly, they can substantially reduce the amount of time it takes you to prepare for the NV permit test, while taking a lot of pressure off you by making studying more enjoyable!

So, how should you use this Nevada CDL practice test general knowledge quiz? We’ll answer that question by pointing you in the direction of another important learning resource: the NV permit study guide for 2020. This comprehensive book details everything you’ll need to learn to pass the CDL general knowledge Nevada exam, in easy-to-understand language. If you haven’t read this permit book yet, you should download a free copy from the DMV website at the next available opportunity and look it over. If you want to use this Nevada CDL general knowledge practice test effectively, owning a copy of the study guide is vital. Once you’ve read through the material in the book at least once, you’ll have some familiarity with basic vehicle control, seeing hazards, managing space, vehicle inspection, drug, alcohol and road rage considerations, shifting gears, communicating, road rules, road signs and all the other subjects which appear on the CDL general knowledge permit test.

Then you’re ready to try out our DMV general knowledge practice test! Reading the manual once is unlikely to be sufficient, but the idea is that you should use this quiz to reinforce what you’ve learned before going back to the handbook and reading it again. It’ll give you a taste of what permit test answers will be required on the actual exam, while making sure you understand the material you’ve been studying. You’ll be best off reading the permit test study guide a few times before booking your actual exam, but you can take regular breaks to complete our CDL NV practice test whenever your mind starts to wander.

Always be careful with online quizzes, as many of them do not update their material regularly enough to keep it in-line with the current commercial driving regulations. Fortunately, we put a great deal of care into the design and maintenance of every CDL practice test NV general knowledge quiz on our website. You never have to be concerned about irrelevant material as we only ever use CDL general knowledge questions and answers from 2020. They are also exactly like the questions on the real exam, in that they use multiple-choice and “true or false” answers. You will notice that there are just 20 questions on this quiz, we’ve done this deliberately to make it easier for new learners to manage. When you want something more extensive, our CDL general knowledge cheat sheet is the obvious choice!

Whether you dream of driving a taxi or a tank-truck, this Nevada DMV permit test quiz can make it happen. The 2020 DMV written test is identical for Class B, Class C and Class A commercial driving students. So, whatever your goals – this is the quiz for you!