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Seriously?  Traffic signals?  You really need to study traffic signals for the Mississippi permit test?  Isn't it all just common sense - green means go, red means stop.  Well, it is, and it isn't. Permit test questions are common sense for most part, but there are tricky parts you need to cover if you don't want to get caught with your pants down.  Don't worry, though, it doesn't take much time and with the help of this amazing free Mississippi permit practice test on traffic signals, you will have every base covered in no time!

When it comes to traffic signals and traffic lights, we learn the basics from a very early age.  After all, we do use the very same traffic lights as pedestrians, it's not a completely new skill we have to learn from scratch.  That is true, but you have to keep in mind that there are a few minor differences between traffic signals for pedestrians and traffic signals for drivers and these minor differences can create a major problem.

Take the most basic traffic control device, that is, the traffic light!  Traffic lights for pedestrians have only two signals - stop and go, the former being red and the latter being green.  Drivers have to deal with three main signals: green, yellow and red; and additional signals, such as green, yellow and red arrows.  All these signals may be used in combination and when they are, they provide drivers with completely different instructions.  When you add situations when traffic lights are not working and or police regulating traffic at an intersection, things can get even more confusing.  Don't worry, though, as this is exactly what this Mississippi permit practice test on traffic signals was designed to do - help you figure out what different traffic signals do and how to avoid being ticketed for not obeying them.

This free traffic signals permit practice test MS quiz is very similar to the practice exam on road signs.  It features 20 different multiple choice questions on traffic signals and traffic control devices every time you being the test.  Every question has four possible answers and only one of those answers if correct.  Images are an important part of the practice test and most of the questions will have them, however you should note that some of the real permit test questions on traffic signals from the 2020 Mississippi drivers permit test don't have images, you are expected to figure out the answer from reading a description of the situation.  Don't worry, as we have prepared those kind of questions for you to practice too, you will not miss out on anything and we will get you straight for that learners permit test at the DPS!

Want some additional study resources?  Easy!  Just grab a copy of the Mississippi drivers handbook!  The book is really great, in fact, it can be rightfully called the ultimate Mississippi permit test study guide!  The real DPS exam is based entirely on the information provided in the book, if it's not in the manual, it's not on the test!  The handbook cover all traffic signals and while it is not as detailed as this online permit practice test for Mississippi, it will still do you a lot of good!