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Ignoring Mississippi road signs, not taking a single Mississippi practice permit test on signs and dedicating all of your study time to learning the rules of the road is one of the biggest mistakes a drivers license applicant can make.   We are not going to argue the fact that permit test questions that cover road signs are easier than the ones that cover traffic rules (some of them are, other aren't), but there is a very simple fact you need to consider - a third of all questions on the drivers permit test may cover traffic signs!  This instantly makes road signs the most important topic on the exam! You may be worried about fines and penalties or child seat belt laws, since they are the rules most students struggle with, but those subjects will contribute one or two questions to your Mississippi learners permit test at most!  Road signs, on the other hand, can mean the difference between passing and failing, do not ignore them!  Start studying traffic signs for the permit test with this free Mississippi practice permit test right now!

There are hundreds of permit test questions that cover Mississippi road signs, we have selected 20 of them for this practice permit test MS quiz to get you started!  All questions are multiple choice and will provide you with three or four different answers, yet only one of those answers will be correct.  Just like any other DMV written test on the website, the practice test is graded on the fly and you will know whether you have answered a question correctly immediately after indicating your choice.  Don't worry if you don't get everything right the first time - mistakes are a normal part of the learning process, they help you pinpoint your weak spots so you know where to concentrate your efforts!  Whenever you answer a question incorrectly, the sample quiz will always provide you with the right answer and furnish a detailed description of the rod sign covered by that question so you never make the same mistake twice! Remember, this practice permit test for Mississippi is completely free, simply repeat it once again and you watch your grades rise in front of your eyes! 

While most of the Mississippi driving test questions will ask you to identify a traffic sign in the provided picture, some of the questions were designed to test your ability to recognize traffic signs by their shape or color and those questions may only include a textual description of a sign.  Identifying road signs by shape and color are two very important skills that are covered in virtually every Mississippi permit test paper, do not ignore them!  Learn the difference between warning, regulatory and guide signs and what colors are usually used for these groups of signs with the help of our free MS practice permit test.  If you need help learning standard shapes and colors for Mississippi road signs, we recommend that you check our the official Mississippi drivers permit book, the book you may know by the name of the DMV study guide.  Page 42 of the 2020 drivers manual contains a comprehensive list of different road sign shapes and colors, pages 43 - 45 contain printable road sign study sheets.  Print them out, post them on the wall next to your computer screen and keep referring to them whenever you have difficulty answering these permit test questions.

We usually recommend that you continue working on a practice test until you can answer 90% of all sample questions correctly, but when it comes to traffic signs, we believe that you should do your best to learn get a perfect score and learn every sign you see on this 2020 Mississippi road signs practice test.  There is really no such thing as an unimportant road sign and they are part of the road infrastructure you will be using every day!  

Good luck on the exam and check our other sample quizzes once you're done with this free Mississippi practice permit test (MS) on 2020 road signs!