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Think you know your signs?  Think again!  Road signs is one of the most disregarded topics when it comes to preparing for the 2020 Mississippi permit test! Seriously, why study the signs everybody knows?  Unfortunately for those who choose to ignore traffic signs, and fortunately for everyone else sharing the roads out there, the Department of Public Safety in Mississippi takes road signs very seriously, as you will have a chance to witness at your drivers permit test!  If you want to pass, then go ahead and get tested right now with our free Mississippi road signs practice permit test 2020!

What kind of permit test questions on road signs should we expect when we go into the DPS to take our permit test? "What does the yield sign look like?" "What do you do when you see a stop sign?"  Not really.  The DPS is well aware that most of us learn what the yield sign looks like from an early age, we start using the roads as pedestrians well before we get behind the wheel and start driving, we are bound to pick up a few things from our experience.   Real Mississippi permit test questions on road signs will go beyond that and that is exactly why you need to invest a little time into learning them.  Do you know how a vehicle carrying a hazardous load is marked? The shape reserved for advanced warning traffic signs?  All colors that can be used on guide signs?  Yes, you are expected to identify road signs by shape and color, it is an important skill and you will be tested on it at the DPS when you show up for your Mississippi drivers permit test!

Couple of words on how this online Mississippi road signs practice test works and a few pointers on getting the most out of your time.  The practice permit test consists of multiple choice questions, you will get twenty questions every time you begin the exam.  Unlike regular drivers practice tests you might have started with, questions aren't "fixed", they are selected randomly from a large pool that contains close to a hundred MS permit test questions on road signs.  What does this mean?  This means a unique learner's permit practice test on traffic signs every time you take the quiz, be sure to make the most out of this feature and keep practicing until you cover everything you can!  If you need a target grade you can set your aim at and work towards it, 90% on the test every time should do it!  Yes, we know it's a little higher than the passing score for the real Mississippi permit test, you can pass the exam while answering just 80% of all permit test questions correctly, but this is practice, remember?  And practice means preparing for the real thing as best as we can.  Receiving a much higher grade on this Mississippi road signs permit practice quiz will serve as a huge confidence booster and will help you get through the real test easier!

If you want more study resources to cover (and we applaud those who do feel the need to study as many different traffic signs as possible), make sure to check out our section on road signs!  It lists over a hundred Mississippi road signs and has detailed descriptions for all of them!  In fact, we urge you to visit that section whenever you miss a sample questions on the drivers license practice test, locate the sign in question and read about it before proceeding to the next practice question.  Don't worry, this free MS permit practice test is not timed, you can take as long as you need researching the question, the exam will still be right here when you come back!  Just make sure not to refresh the page, as it will literally restart the test from the very beginning!

If you have a question you think may be added to this Mississippi road signs learners permit practice test, don't be afraid to speak up in the comments! We will research the topic and improve the exam according to your suggestions!  Enjoy the practice test and good luck at the DPS!