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If you want to download a free Mississippi DMV permit test cheat sheet and then copy answers off your cell phone during the real exam, you have come to the wrong place.  The only cheating we believe in is using the right study tools to prepare for the exam and learning everything you need to know for the test beforehand!  A Mississippi DMV cheat sheet is a study tool, just like the drivers manual, just like regular practice permit tests, it was designed to help you learn the driving rules and is not to be abused!

One of the primary reasons why people choose to cheat on the Mississippi drivers permit test is because they want to save some time.   Preparing for the DMV permit test, reading the drivers handbook, learning the rule, studying road signs - all that seems to take too much time, downloading a DMV cheat sheet or printing it out and taking it into the DMV office seems like an easier option.  Well, it's not!  First of, we have to warn you that your chances of using some random MS DMV permit test cheat sheet successfully is close to none.  Remember, not only do you have to slip the DMV cheat sheet past the clerks at the office, you also need to find your drivers permit test questions and answers on that cheat sheet!  The real 2020 MS permit test that is being administered by the DMV has well over a hundred questions that are chosen randomly for your exam.  Do you honestly believe that you will find answers to the questions on your test paper so nobody notices?  Stop kidding yourself.  You will get caught and if you do, you are immediately failed on the exam.  Not only that, you may also be banned from retaking the quiz in any foreseeable future.  Do you really want to chance that?  Probably not. 

That's why instead of offering you to download a free Mississippi permit test cheat sheet to your cell phone, we have built a massive DMV practice permit test with hundreds of sample written test questions that will allow you to prepare for the real exam in no time at all!  This free MS DMV practice test follows the same format the real test does - 30 multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs.  Don't let the number fool you, though, you will not be taking the same DMV practice test with the same set of questions over and over again, sample questions are picked randomly from a huge knowledge base that contains over 500 sample questions!  Yes, that many, and we keep on adding new ones every month!  What does this mean for you?  A completely unique Mississippi DMV practice permit test every time you take the exam!  You will never grow bored of the quiz!

How is this different from the permit test simulator we also have available?  You are right, these sample exams are quite similar, but there is one feature that makes the DMV cheat sheet unique and that is the study aids that are integrated into the exam.  Our free Mississippi DMV test cheat sheet 2020 will help you answer any question you are having troubles with!  Just click on the 50/50 button and the system will hide two incorrect answers from the screen!  Still don't know what the right answer is?  Request a hint and get more information about the question!  The times when you just picked a random answer whenever you hit a difficult permit test question are over!