Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Lack of time to study is not an excuse the DMV is willing to accept when you show up at their door step to take your written knowledge test.  In fact, they don't accept any excuses at all, so you should stop making them up and start working on learning the rules that will be on the test.  You may have heard that studying for the 2020 DMV knowledge test takes an incredible amount of time and we are here to bust that myth in front of your eyes!  Studying for the Mississippi permit test does not have to take hours, in fact, this free practice permit test takes under 5 minutes to complete!  This low time commitment means that you do not have to arrange for dedicated study sessions, you can learn on your own schedule!  On the way to work, during a lunch break or even while you're sitting in front of the TV on a Sunday afternoon, waiting for your favorite show to start - just grab your iPhone, sign into the website and complete the DMV practice test!  These brief study moments will continue to add up and you will end up learning all of the required driving rules and road signs without breaking a sweat! The key is to start as early as possible (we suggest that you being reading the drivers manual and working on these sample DMV quizzes at least two weeks before your DMV appointment) and committing to taking these Mississippi permit practice test as frequently as you can!

Those who have gone through other MS DMV practice tests on the website are familiar with the format and won't need to waste any time figuring out the interface.  The exam contains 20 new questions on Mississippi road signs and traffic rules, all questions being multiple choice with three or four answers provided for every question.  Just like any other exam on the website, the DMV permit practice test is graded as you go through the test and you receive instant feedback for all of your choices.  Whenever you answer a permit test question incorrectly, the sample exam provides you with the correct answer and a detailed explanation for the corresponding driving rule.  You may be tempted to skip reading these explanations to save yourself a little bit of extra time and we wanted to warn you against doing so, as it will end up wasting even more time on having to retake the DMV practice permit test over and over again.  Explanations you see on this free DMV practice test are based on the official Mississippi permit test study guide and they do a great job of helping you memorize answers to these questions, invest an extra moment on reading them and save yourself hours of time down the line!

If you ever find yourself stuck at a question, don't rush with choosing the first answer you see on the screen and use study aids instead.  This Mississippi DMV practice permit test was supplemented with helpful hints to assist you with any difficult question.  Requesting a hint will bring up an additional snippet of information about the corresponding driving rule, a snippet that will point you in the right direction without actually giving the answer away.  Combine the information in the snippet with the question and try to figure out the correct answer.  If this doesn't work, you can always click on the 50/50 button and have two incorrect answers stricken from the drivers permit practice test.  This button is your last resort and should only be used when you have ran out of all other options!

Need help with a particular question on this free Mississippi DMV practice test (MS) 2020?  Post your question into the comment box and we'll be happy to cover it in more details!  Good luck at the DMV!