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Questions on road signs make up a considerable part of the permit test all across the country and Maryland is no exception to the rule.  You have to know your traffic signs if you want to pass the MVA permit test, there is simply no bypass or shortcut here.  Fortunately, our 2019 Maryland road signs practice test takes care of business - it contains questions on every road sign you need to learn to pass the test the first time you take it! Don't waste your time on the drivers manual and take the practice quiz now!

One of the hardest things for those studying for the permit test is to figure out what's actually going to be on the knowledge exam and what parts of the drivers manual you need to study.  Thankfully, we have already done the hard work for you - our MD road signs quiz contains questions only on those road signs that may appear on your permit exam and nothing else!   Built around the real exam, our MVA practice test has 20 multiple choice questions that are picked from a larger pool every time you take the exam.  Random questions mean you can take the test many times and it will be like a new exam every time! 

All questions on the road signs Maryland MVA practice permit test are state specific and are valid for Maryland.  It does not matter which part of Maryland you live in, be that Baltimore, Frederick or Rockville, the practice test will work perfectly fine all across the Old Line state. 

Better yet - just like all other practice tests we have  here, our 2019 Maryland road signs MVA permit practice test (MD) is completely free!  Study as much as you want, whenever you want and if you happen to like the test, please share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter to help them nail the permit test just as easy!  Enjoy and good luck!