Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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This free MVA permit practice test is sized just like the real permit test, it consists of 20 multiple choice questions that were designed to prepare you for the challenge you will face at your local MVA office.  However, this resemblance is not the only thing we were going for, there is really a more important reason underlying our choice to include just 20 questions into the practice exam.  This small size means that this Maryland permit practice test can be completed any time, anywhere - all it takes is 5 minute of spare time!  A larger practice permit test requires a more substantial time investment, you have to set aside half an hour or an hour, how many of us can afford that today?  Our MVA practice test can be taken on the way to school, while waiting for a bus, taking a lunch break or even while you are waiting in the MVA line!  Whenever you have a moment to spare, just sign into the website and do a practice permit test!  Do this as frequently as possible and you will see these small steps add up to make a huge difference!

There are a few common mistakes made by first-time MVA test takers and we wanted to save you the time by going over a few of them.   Try to keep these errors in mind while you are working on this 2019 MVA practice permit test, get into the habit of avoiding them early.  The first thing you have to watch out for is rushing through the exam.   Unfortunately, the real Maryland permit test is timed and the time limit forces quite a few students to bolt through the exam as quickly as possible, committing an incredible number of errors that could have been avoided otherwise.  Slow down while you are doing the MVA exam and ALWAYS read through all of the provided answers before you place your bets, even if the first option you see on the screen seems like the right answer.  Many of the MVA permit test questions have a few answers that seem similar at first, yet only one of them is right.  To answer these questions correctly, you must choose the option that provides the most detailed and comprehensive answer to the question.  Forget about the timer and treat every question as if it's the only one that matters!

While the real MVA quiz doesn't have a dedicated section on road signs, like permit exams in some other states, it provides a well-balanced mixture of questions on both signs and rules and you need to study these topics if you want to pass.  We believe in keeping it as close to the original as possible and this Maryland practice permit test 2019 contains an equal proportion of questions on road rules and traffic signs.  If you feel that you are struggling with a particular topic, simply switch to using one of the topical practice quizzes we have on the website and work on that individual subject until you are satisfied with your progress!

Found this MVA learners permit practice test too easy?  Don't rush to the MVA office just yet!  Remember that this is just your first practice quiz, it was meant to be easy and we've got plenty of other exams for you to work on!  Our 2019 permit test Simulator contains over 500 MVA questions and answers, enough materials to keep you occupied for weeks!  Make sure you try other quizzes before you try your luck against the real exam!

Enjoy this free Maryland MVA permit practice test (MD) 2019 and good luck at the office!  Please share the exam on Facebook and Twitter if you like it!