Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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If you lack motivation to study for your Maryland permit test, consider this simple fact for just a moment: more than half of the applicants to visit the DMV to take their MVA permit test fail the exam the first time they take it!  If you are at the MVA right now, look around - half of these people will have to go home empty-handed!  Wondering why the failure rate for the written test is so high?  After all, there are plenty of free study tools that can help you prepare for the exam - you have a free MVA practice test, the state does not charge you anything for downloading a drivers manual and it is not hard to find a decent MVA permit test cheat sheet out there for anyone who wants to see what kind of questions show up on the real knowledge test.  Still, we don't see exam failure rates to be decreasing.  The reason behind this is very simple - students tend to misjudge their current skill level and underestimate the exam itself, so they are trying to wing the test without taking five minutes out of their day to complete a free MVA practice permit test.  The MVA won't let you behind the wheel just because you know what a stop sign is and have rudimentary control over the vehicle - you will need to prove that you really know your driving rules and can figure your way out of any potential on-road situation.   Mastering this skill takes time and patience, but the reward is quite handsome too - passing the MVA learners permit test the first time you take it saves time on multiple visits, money on test retake fees and serves as a great confidence-booster!

This 2019 MVA practice test for is one of the the many steps you will need to take on the road to your drivers permit.   It contains 20 multiple choice questions on Maryland road signs and traffic rules.  Every question presents you with three or four answers, only one of the answers is correct.  The practice test is not timed, so don't worry about trying to get through the exam as quickly as possible (and by the way, if you want a timed MVA test, we have those too!), concentrate on every question, read the question and all of the provided answers twice if you have to, but make sure you really understand what's being asked of you. Made a mistake?  No stress!  The practice permit test will always correct you right there on the spot, the test is graded on the fly, so you will know whether you have answered the question correctly immediately after choosing one of the options!  Whenever you answer a question incorrectly, this MVA practice test will display the right answer and provide a detailed explanation for that answer so you don't have to research the topic in the drivers manual, a huge time-saver!

Once you get through the entire permit practice test, you will be presented with your overall score for the exam and a chance to review any of the questions you have missed.  How do you interpret the score and what's considered to be a pass?   When it comes to taking the real Maryland learners permit test, you need to answer at least 17 our of 20 questions correctly to pass, but we advise that you work towards a higher score while you are grinding away at this MVA practice test.  This will create a nice safety cushion for you and alleviate some of the stress during the real exam, you will know that you can do much better than the required minimum.   With this in mind, don't quit working on this 2019 MVA permit practice test until you can answer at least 18 questions correctly every time, without using any study aids or having to peek for answers in the Maryland drivers manual.  Once you hit this target, simply move on to the next practice quiz in line!

We know you enjoyed this free Maryland MVA practice test 2019 and we would love to hear your thoughts about the exam!  Please comment and let us know how the exam can be improved!