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There is really nothing more frustrating than wasting countless hours on reading the drivers manual and trying to memorize every single detail in the book.  Fortunately, there is a way around that and free Maryland MVA permit test 2019 will show you how to save hours of time and still be well-prepared for the learner's permit exam!  And the best thing of all - you won't even have to try to cheat the MVA!  Yes, that means you don't have to download an MVA cheat sheet to your phone and then try to sneak it into the drivers license office - we have everything you need right here on the website!

There is one thing we want to be clear about from the start - we do not condone cheating on the Maryland permit test.  It is illegal and, frankly, the risks and the consequences of being caught are really not worth the results.  You can invest just as much time or less into preparing for the permit exam and nail it the first time without having to stress over being busted and expelled from your local MVA office by the clerks.  Remember than being caught cheating on the learners permit test is an automatic fail, plus a possible ban from the office for quite a while.

So what is this online MVA learners permit test cheat sheet if it won't help you cheat during the real permit exam?  It's simple - our Maryland MVA cheat sheet is a study tool, an instrument that will help you prepare for the knowledge test in a fun and easy manner, a device that makes cheating at the MVA completely unnecessary and pointless.

Chances are that by now, you have already gone through a permit practice test or two and that is awesome, it means you are already familiar with the concept!  This MVA cheat sheet is just like a huge free permit practice test for MD with a number of study aids built into the system!  While a regular MVA practice test will present you with a bunch of questions and leave it at that, the MVA cheat sheet offers a number of additional helpful features to help you learn faster!  These study aids, or as we call them, "MVA cheats", are located under the "Help me" section and can be used whenever you stumble upon a particularly hard question.  One of the cheats, the 50/50 option, hides two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with a simple task of choosing between the remaining two options.  Another cheat, called "HINTS", will provide you with additional details about the question, helping you find the right answer faster.  It is our recommendation that you always use HINTs first and try to figure out the right answer to the MVA permit test question using additional information provided in those hints.   If that fails, do go ahead and use the 50/50 button as well, but make it the "last resort" option.

Whenever you miss a question, the MVA cheat sheet will not only show you the right answer to that question, it will provide an explanation of why that particular answer is correct.  Make sure you read these explanations before continuing on to the next question, they will help you to really hammer that rule in and memorize it much quicker.

This 2019 Maryland DMV cheat sheet is structured just like the real drivers permit test:  it covers the same driving rules and road signs, it has the same number of questions and it uses the same grading system.  The study aids, or cheats, are what sets this MVA cheat sheet apart from the real test at your local facility.  However, if you fancy taking a practice permit test that is even closer to the real thing, make sure to check out the Maryland MVA permit test simulator, it is built just like the DMV cheat sheet, minus all study aids.  You can use the simulator to gauge your current level of preparation and then decide whether you are ready for the MVA visit or you should wait another day or two and take another Maryland learners permit practice test.

Use any study tools available to you and remember - passing the real MVA exam  is easy, all you need is a little time, dedication and this free Maryland MVA cheat sheet for the permit test!  Good luck!