Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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We know you don't have much time and want to prepare for the exam as quickly as possible, so we won't throw hundreds of sample knowledge test questions at you!  This 2019 MVA practice test contains just 20 questions and can be completed in less than 5 minutes, sure you can spare that time to get one step closer to passing the real permit test!  No need to schedule lengthy study sessions - learn every MVA road sign you need on your lunch break, on the way to school or during a TV commercial!  Whenever you have a few moments to spare, just sign into the website and complete a practice quiz!  Preparing for the Maryland road signs test is as easy as it sounds, provided you have the tools for the job!

This free MVA practice test on road signs contains 20 multiple choice questions.  Every question presents you with four answers, but only one of the answers is correct.  Some first-time applicants complain that the MVA learners permit test includes questions that have couple of highly similar answers, making it hard to pick the right one, especially when you are being rushed by the timer.  Here is the thing - you need to forget about the fact that the test is timed and spend as much time as you need on each and every question, be that a question about MVA road signs or traffic rules.  Rushing through the knowledge test won't do you much good - you'll end up choosing the most obvious option every time, missing quite a few questions in the process.  Believe us, having a permit test timer expire is a relatively rare occurrence, so don't worry about the timer and take time to consider all of the provided answers every time! We have chosen not to time this MVA learners permit practice test so you can go at your own pace and complete the practice exam as quickly or as slowly as you see fit!

There is one skill that pertains to road signs that is being tested on virtually every MVA permit test paper, so we could not leave it out of this MD road signs practice test!  This skill involves recognizing MVA signs by shape and color.  Sounds silly, right?  Why should you even study sign shapes if you can simply memorize what each individual sign means?  Sadly, you will not always have a liberty of looking at the traffic sign for sufficient time or seeing it well enough to make out what's written on it.  Imagine a foggy highway and yourself traveling at this highway at high speed.  A shape of the road sign is pretty much the first thing you see and knowing what road sign shapes mean help you determine whether you need to pay more attention to this particular traffic sign or if it's something you can ignore.  The skill is of extreme importance and we want to make sure that our free MVA practice test helps you learn it, so we have included a few sample questions on the topic for you to munch on!

How many questions do I need to answer correctly to pass the MVA signs test?  Ah, a question that comes up way too often.  The passing grade for the knowledge exam in Maryland is somewhat higher than the national average of 80%, as you must score no less than 85% to pass the exam.  That's no less than 17 correct answers, out of the 20 question total.  With this in mind, we recommend that you don't stop working on our Maryland road sign practice test until you can answer at least 18 questions correctly.  Overachievers are welcome to aim at the perfect score, it doesn't take that long to achieve anyway!

Looking for a printable road sign study sheet for the MVA permit test?  Just grab yourself a copy of the Maryland drivers manual!  You can download a pdf file the handbook and it contains every traffic sign you need to learn for the permit exam!  Print it out and use it along with this MVA practice test, they go great together!

Enjoy our free Maryland road signs practice test and don't forget to comment if you have passed your MVA test in 2019 and want to help others do equally well!