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Done with the first free Maryland permit practice test?  Itching for more?  You're in luck!  We've got a great follow up MVA permit practice test with another twenty great questions on MD road rules and road signs to take you one step closer to obtaining that learner's permit you wanted so much!  Don't lose that pace, don't stop studying now!  Remember that all it takes to pass that MVA permit test is a little patience and consistency - 10-15 minutes a day will mean a world of difference at the local DMV office!

We could really go on for hours and hours, describing how great this online MVA practice test 2019 is and how it will help you pass the permit test the first time you take it, but you know that already, don't you?  You wouldn't be there if you didn't know that practice permit tests are one of the best way to prepare for the exam.  However, there is one key step many students miss and that is reading the Maryland drivers manual.  Yes, we know, you really wanted to avoid reading the book too, since your friends told you that you can pass the learner's permit test just by taking practice quizzes.  Your friends are right, you CAN pass the MVA test using practice exams as your sole source of information, but why would you willingly avoid maximizing your chances of passing the test?  Reading the MVA permit test book does not have to be as hard or dull as you imagined it to be, in fact, we don't even recommend that you waste your time on reading the whole manual!  Just keep the book open as you work on this 2019 MVA permit practice test and research test answers in the book whenever you are stuck!  It won't take long, you will concentrate only on things that really matter for the Maryland permit test and it will really help you remember the rules better!

Don't worry, though, we are not going to leave you behind even if you are too lazy to read the book.  Our Maryland DMV practice test is loaded with study aids that will help you learn road rules & road signs quickly!  Study aids are located under the "help me" section, you can use them whenever you are not sure which answer you should pick.  Clicking on the HINT button will provide you with additional details about the question, pointing you in the right direction.  If you find that hints are too subtle for your liking, use the 50/50 option, it works in a much more direct way by hiding two incorrect answers from the screen immediately, making the job of answering this MVA permit test question much easier!  However, we recommend that for the best study experience, you resort to this option only when you are completely stuck.

The practice quiz contains 20 multiple choice question, every question having four possible answers.  This interactive MVA practice permit test for Maryland is graded on the go, you will see whether you answered a question correctly as soon as you make a selection.  Furthermore, should you miss a question, we will show you the right answer along with a detailed explanation of why this particular answer is correct.  We advise that you ALWAYS read these explanations, they will help you memorize answers to our Maryland permit test questions quicker!

While the order of the permit test questions on this MVA practice quiz may change, questions themselves remain essentially the same every time you take it. Use this feature and keep taking the practice exam until you score 90% or higher every time (this means answering no less than 18 questions correctly).  We know that this score is a little higher than the real MVA permit test requires you to get, but this is just practice and we want you to be safe!

That's it, enjoy our free MVA practice permit test and good luck at your local office!