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While this comes as quite a surprise to most of the first time drivers license applicants, Louisiana road sings is the single most important topic of the written knowledge test.  The driving test in Louisiana is divided into two parts - road rules and road signs and you must pass both sections before you can be awarded with a drivers permit.  The Louisiana DMV practice test has 20 questions (the total number of questions is 50, in case you're wondering how many questions are on the DMV permit test), the fact that should automatically place road signs on the list of things to concentrate on during your permit test study sessions.  We know how easy it is to make the mistake of overlooking the signs in favor of studying the "important" stuff, such as BAC limits or traffic penalties.  We are here to warn you against following this road, as it ends in failure.  Do not fool yourself into believing that you know the signs well enough to not study them, even for a second, and spend ample time on learning as many Louisiana road signs as possible!

Now for the good news - learning traffic signs for the drivers license test is extremely easy if you have a good Louisiana DMV practice test that has been updated to the standards of the 2020 drivers permit test, such as the sample quiz you are looking at right now!  The DMV practice test is structured similarly to other regular practice tests on the website with one minor exception - the only questions you can expect to see on this test are the ones that deal with road signs!  All twenty questions are multiple choice, with three or four answers and only one of them being correct.  Most of the driving test questions are supplemented with great images but don't freak out of you stumble upon a question that doesn't have an image associated with it - it is not an error, so don't start looking through your iPhone settings, trying to fix what's not broken.  Recognizing traffic signs on sight is just one of the skills you must demonstrate during the Louisiana drivers permit test.  Others include identifying traffic signs by shape, color, their textual description, being able to group road signs and assign priorities based on these groups.  You can expect to see at least a few Louisiana DMV test questions that cover these skills in every exam paper and it's an opportunity for you to score some easy points, don't ignore it!

This Louisiana DMV practice test is graded on the fly and you receive feedback on your progress throughout the entire exam.  Whenever you miss a question (and it's bound to happen once or twice, no matter how well you know the rules), the practice test will alert you to the error by highlighting your answer in red and displaying the correct answer alongside the one you have chosen. Furthermore, the system will provide a detailed explanation for that traffic sign, helping you learn even faster!  Always read the explanation before you push on to the next question!

Here is something that is different from the approach we usually recommend.  Those who have taken other Louisiana DMV practice driving tests on the website know that we advise to continue working on the exam until you can answer 90% of all questions correctly.  Not this time.  You see how important traffic signs really are and how easy they are to learn, why not maximize your chances of passing the real drivers license test by learning every question there is?  It doesn't take long and it's fun, so it makes perfect sense!  Don't stop working on this road sign DMV practice permit test until you can answer all of these sample questions correctly!

Looking for some road sign study sheets?   We can help here too!  Just grab yourself a copy of the Louisiana driving test study guide (yup, that DMV booklet you wanted to avoid reading) and scroll through to chapter 3!  Chapter 3 of the 2020 drivers ed book is all about road signs and those pages contain printable lists of Louisiana road signs!  Download them to your computer, print them out and post them on the wall in your bedroom so you can see the as often as possible!  By the way, this is not the only use for the drivers book and we recommend that anyone searching for Louisiana DMV permit test answers reads the manual.  The entire drivers permit test is based on that book, there is really no better recommendation than that!  Read the book, work on this free Louisiana road signs DMV practice test 2020 and good luck at the DMV!