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While the Louisiana permit test is not exceptionally hard, it is definitely quite extensive and questions on road signs comprise a significant portion of the exam.  Many first-time applicants make the mistake of completely ignoring road signs during their study sessions and we are here to correct it!  Our 2019 Louisiana road signs DMV practice test will teach you each and every road sign you need to know to pass the DMV written test the first time you take it!  Buckle down, take the practice permit test at least a few times and you will be one step closer to obtaining your learner's permit!

Many applicants choose not to study road signs because... well, because they are just so obvious, who doesn't know the signs?  Stop means stop, yield means yield, what else is there to know?  The surprise comes at the DMV office when they encounter questions on railroad crossing signs and are asked to identify traffic signs by shape and color! Our free Louisiana road signs practice quiz teaches you all these things, so you won't get caught unaware at the office!

The test contains 20 multiple-choice questions that are loaded with images of road signs: stop signs, yield signs, intersection and lane control signs, warning, regulatory, guide signs - we really have everything you need to learn!  All of our Louisiana permit test questions are interactive and will provide you with immediate feedback, you will know whether you are right as soon as you pick an answer! No need to wait until the end of the test to find out how you're doing, see your results on the go!

All questions on this free Louisiana DMV practice permit test are based on the official drivers manual and will work no matter what city you are taking your test at, be that the New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette or Shreveport.  The permit test is exactly the same in all of those places and so is our practice permit test!

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