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When somebody offers you to download a free Louisiana DMV driving test cheat sheet that will guarantee that you pass the drivers permit test the first time you take it, you can safely assume that the person is either trying to take you for a ride or simply doesn't know what he or she is talking about.  The only proven way to pass the knowledge test is to prepare for it, by learning driving rules and road signs that will be on the exam and this is exactly what our Louisiana DMV cheat sheet 2019 was designed for, to help you learn as quickly as efficiently as possible!

Buying a DMV cheat sheet you can download to your smartphone or print out and then take it down to the local DMV office when you go in to take the exam may seem like the easy option, but it's really not.  The chances of you successfully cheating the DMV - close no nil.  And we are not talking about just being caught in the process by the clerks, although that is quite likely to happen too.  Just think about it: the drivers permit test in Louisiana has 50 questions on road rules and road signs.  There is more than one test paper, the DMV has about 200-300 drivers license test questions they use to evaluate your current skill level and you need cheat sheets for all of them.  Now, even if someone did sell you all of these materials (and you can forget about getting your hands onto a free DMV cheat sheet that has up to date questions for the 2019 drivers license test), how do you see yourself locating the right answers among this massive amount of study materials during the real exam?  The Louisiana drivers test is not an open book exam, you won't be allowed to use ANY outside materials and while we can see how you can steal a glimpse or two at your smartphone during the test, locating answers to 50 different questions within the allocated period of time seems quite improbable. 

The good news is that you don't actually need to cheat on your drivers license test, learning the driving rules and road signs you need for the exam does not take that long and we have all of the study tools for you right here.  It all comes down to two things:  the official Louisiana driving test study guide and some good practice driving tests and this is exactly what this DMV cheat sheet is, a massive Louisiana practice driving test with hundreds of different questions for the 2019 permit test!  This DMV practice test follows the same format the real test does and presents you with 50 different sample questions every time.  These questions are selected randomly from a large pool that contains over 500 questions today and we keep adding new ones all the time!  How do we do that?  Some of the permit test questions are submitted by other users, just like yourself, some are developed by us with the help of the information contained in the drivers handbook (yet another reason to read it!).  With such a large number of questions, it is just like having hundreds of different practice permit tests at your disposal!

Those who have noticed that we offer a permit test simulator may wonder what the difference between these practice tests is.  The difference is quite simple: the drivers permit test simulator was designed to resemble the real exam to the smallest detail and will not allow you to use any outside materials during the exam.  The DMV cheat sheet, on the other hand, has a number of study aids integrated into the system and you are more then welcome to call upon their assistance whenever you are stuck.  Of course, once you have gained some confidence with the help of the cheat sheet, you should definitely switch to using the Louisiana drivers license test simulator and see how well you can do without our help!