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Still thinking whether you should spend any time studying for the Indiana permit test? Got a friend who claims that he was able to wing the exam without opening the drivers manual once?  Your choice, but consider this for just a moment.  More than 50% of all first-time BMV visitors fail the learners permit test!   That's right, more than a half!  This is huge number, especially if you consider the fact that most of the drivers license applicants are teenagers and they are required to enroll in a drivers education class (sometimes even complete it) before they can take the DMV written test.  There is simply no other way of saying this -we suck as taking the drivers permit test, mostly due to the fact that we fail to treat it with due seriousness and respect.  Most of the would-be drivers choose the "easy" path of not studying for the exam and well, you can see how well that works out for them.  We have designed this free Indiana driving practice test so you can do the right thing from the start and avoid the mistakes of others!  Pass the drivers license test the first time and put everyone else to shame!

Most of our regular online practice driving tests for Indiana are structured very similarly: multiple choice questions, immediate grading, helpful hints and unlimited chances to pass the exam.  This practice permit test is no exception, it is built around 20 questions that cover a broad range of topics that may come up during the real Indiana drivers test.  All questions are multiple choice and feature 3 or 4 options for every question, with only one of the answers being correct.  You will know whether you have answered a question correctly immediately after indicating your choice - the practice test always alerts you to any errors you commit right there on the spot!  However, knowing that you've made a mistake doesn't help much if you don't have a way of correcting it, so the practice test will always display the right answer next to the one you have chosen!  And it gets better still!  To help you save time on researching the topic in the drivers manual book, we will provide a detailed outline for all driving rules covered by the questions you miss!  Make sure you don't skimp on reading these explanations, they may seem like a nuisance now, but they save you hours of time in the end!

Wondering how many questions are on the permit test in Indiana?  It's 50 questions.  Why have we chosen a smaller 20 question quiz format?  Because we don't want you to be stuck in front of your computer screen for hours at a time! Completing this 2019 Indiana drivers permit practice test takes approximately 5 minutes, completing a larger exam takes at least 15-20 minutes and then you have to repeat it again to correct any mistakes you might have made the first time, to the study session suddenly grows to almost an hour.  Not many of us can dedicate such large portions of our day to studying for the permit test and a small 5 minute session might be easier to fit into the schedule.  If you are the believer in large drivers practice tests - we've got them too!  Simply switch to using the Indiana permit test cheat sheet or the drivers permit test Simulator, both of those exams mimic the real test and follow the same 50-question format!

Want to improve your chances of passing the drivers license test even further?  Check out the official Indiana drivers manual, also commonly known as "the permit book".  The entire written test is based on the information you can find in the manual, it provides a great overview of all of the important driving rules and road signs.  What's even more important is the fact that the book works at complimenting this Indiana practice driving test!  This is really the situation when 1 plus one makes 3!  The book is a great, practice tests are awesome, two of them together - simply amazing!

If you believe that this free Indiana driver permit practice test 2019 is missing something - don't hesitate to give us a shout with the help of the comment box on this page!  We love hearing from you and constantly work on improving the quiz with your help!