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Lack of time is one of the most common excuses among those who choose not to prepare for the test, trying to wing the test indeed.  Our Indiana BMV practice test is here to show you that you don't need that much time to prepare anyway, all it takes is 5 minutes here and there!  We have chosen to include just 20 questions into this practice quiz for a very simple reason (if you are wondering how many questions are on the Indiana permit test - it's 50) - we want you to be able to complete the BMV practice test as quickly as possible and do it as often as you can!  A large permit practice test would require you to commit to a lengthy study session and then sit in front of the computer for hours, trying to fight your way through hundreds of different questions!  Nothing wrong with that, and if you are that kind of a person, be sure to check out our Indiana permit test cheat sheet and the permit test Simulator, you're going to love those massive exams!  However, the rest of us regular folks need something that can be done quickly and this is where this Indiana BMV permit practice test comes in!  Due to these extremely low time requirement (remember, no more than 5 minutes!), you can take the test anywhere, any time, whenever you have a moment to spare!  While you're sitting in front of your TV, waiting for that commercial to end, while you're catching a ride to school, whenever you're having lunch alone - simply pull out your iPhone, sign into the website and complete the test once! Do this as often as possible and these small study sessions will add up to tremendous results!

True to the tradition, all 20 of the questions on this 2019 Indiana BMV practice test are multiple choice and every question provides you with four different options.  Here is a mistake we see way too often with students taking the learners permit test for the first time - don't go for the first option that just seems right, read all of the provided answers first!  Some drivers license applicants are so worried about not having enough time to answer all Indiana BMV permit test questions that they don't take an extra moment to read all of the answers before indicating their choice!  This is a problem because many of the DMV written test questions will have a few answers that seem similar at first, but only one of them is right and you need to really dig into them to figure out which one is correct.  Obviously, if you rush through the test, you will miss quite a few of these questions and these silly mistakes will add up to guarantee that you walk out of the BMV empty-handed!  Get into the habit of focusing and working through each and every questions while you're still practicing with the help of this Indiana BMV practice test! 

This sample exam provides a balanced mixture of questions that cover all topics that may come up during the real test.  This includes questions that cover such popular topics as parking on hills, highway driving, negotiating the right-of-way, traffic signals and many others.  A point that needs to be noted about the Indiana permit test is that it contains a large section on road signs - every test paper has 16 questions that deal with traffic signs and you cannot make more than two mistakes on this section.  While this sample written test does cover signs, if you want to concentrate on Indiana BMV practice test signs questions, we recommend that you take one of the topical road sign quizzes we have available!

People learn faster when they receive timely feedback - there is no denying it.  This is why we believe it is so important that the practice permit test provides you with constant feedback throughout the entire exam.  Our free Indiana BMV drivers permit practice test does just that!  You do not have to wait until the end of the test just to find out what questions you've missed, we show you your progress at all times!  Whenever you make a mistake, the DMV practice test alerts you to the error and displays the correct answer next to the one you have chosen, but that's not all!  The system will follow up with a detailed explanation for any driving rule you don't know, so you don't have to waste hours on scrolling through endless pages in the drivers manual in search of the information! We're not saying you shouldn't read the book, in fact, we suggest that you always keep a copy of the Indiana drivers manual by your side as you're working on the exam, but you don't have to waste time on browsing it while working on the exam.  In our opinion, the book works best when you read it even before you start working on this Indiana BMV practice test (or any other sample exam, for that matter), as it provides a great overview of everything that matters for the learners permit exam!

Good luck at the BMV and don't forget to share this free Indiana BMV practice test 2019 with friends who may be taking the exam soon!