Getting ready for the Indiana BMV permit test does not have to be difficult, confusing or time consuming, with the study aids we provide here on The free DMV practice test, driver’s education course and study materials we offer have been designed to give you the best possible chance of passing the BMV written test first time. Why not start your journey by trying out a realistic Indiana BMV practice test to find out what you’re up against? Or, if you are keen to start learning, get stuck into our free drivers education course today.

Aspiring drivers from Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Bloomington and every other Indiana city are required to pass the 50-question DMV permit test, prior to embarking on their behind-the-wheel training. This assessment is split into a 34-question road rules exam and a 16-question road signs and pavement markings test. You must pass both halves of the exam on the same day, to walk away from the BMV office with a learner’s permit. Failing either side of the permit test will mean you have to return after a mandatory waiting period, to retake the entire assessment. With this in mind, it is essential to be as prepared as physically possible when the time comes to take on the test. Otherwise, you could experience frustrating delays.

While there is great deal to learn about vehicle control, safe driving techniques, driving maneuvers, navigating different types of roadway and vehicle maintenance before you can earn a full license, the initial Indiana DMV permit test focuses solely on rules of the road and road signs. These subjects encompass everything you must know to begin your driving journey. All the learning that will occur beyond these core subjects can take place at the same time as your practical driver’s training. So, what is the best way to study for the initial general knowledge test?

The two main resources you will need to study for the rules of the road portion of the permit test are the official 2024 driving manual and our driver’s education course. While working through our course in its entirety is essential, you may wish to jump ahead to the “Rules of the Road” module, while studying for the road rules permit test. Where road signs and pavement markings are concerned, check out the information on our road signs home page and the “Signs, Signals & Markings” chapter of the course. You are free to work through these modules at your own pace, returning to revisit important information as needed over the coming days and weeks.

Using what you have learned from these materials to answer realistic BMV test questions is essential to your studies, as it will make sure you have understood everything correctly and can apply it effectively in an exam situation. You can find enough authentic permit test questions to keep you going in the run up to the permit test, on our free DMV practice test for Indiana learners. In fact, what we offer is far more impressive than a single practice permit test. Here, you have access to a complete range of unique, high-quality quizzes covering rules of the road, road signs and everything else you can expect to be asked about during the BMV written test. Use our combination BMV practice test to measure your knowledge of road rules and our dedicated Indiana DMV practice test signs quiz when you would like to focus on signs and markings. We do not place a limit on how many times the quizzes can be used, so you are free to retake them as many times as you like while working through the driver education course.

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