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We know that traffic lights and traffic signals is probably the least of your worries, you are stressing over questions that cover blood alcohol levels, fines & penalties, "the hard staff".  However, there is absolutely no reason why you should skip taking this free Hawaii practice permit test on traffic signals and maximize your chances of passing the DMV exam. Believe us, it's the small things that get you and being able to answer every question on traffic signals may be just the thing that will bring you that drivers permit in 2020!

The reason why most first-time learners permit applicants are not really worried about permit test questions on traffic signals is very simple - traffic lights just seem to be so obvious!  Is there really anything to learn about the lights, apart from the fact that green means go, red means stop and the yellow light requires you to pay caution?  It turns out that there's really more to traffic signals than these three simple messages we all came to know. Sure, you don't have to worry much about traffic signals when you are a pedestrian, after all, you only need to know two signals, stop and go.  However, it gets a little more complicated when we start driving.  The number of signals increases dramatically and the time for decision taking is reduced to mere seconds.  A traffic light that is not working is a good example of a Hawaii DMV permit test question that tricked more than one student.  Do you know how to treat a traffic light that is out of order?  Just like you would have treated an intersection controlled by a four-way stop sign!  And what about instructions from police officers that may contradict those of the traffic light, do you follow the order given to you by a policeman or obey the lights?  These are the questions you can expect to receive on your DMV exam, but don't worry, you won't have any troubles answering them if you spend just a little time working on our online Hawaii permit practice test 2020!

This sample practice permit test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover only traffic lights and traffic signals (yes, this includes communicating with other drivers and signals they may use to pass some information on to you).  The practice test is graded on the fly and you know whether you answered a questions correctly as soon as you pick one of the options.  Don't worry if you happen to miss a question or two, we will always show you the right answer and we will do our best to provide you with more details about the driving rule in question so you can learn faster.  Keep in mind that the practice permit test will change questions every time you being the exam or refresh the page, the knowledge base contains close to a hundred questions on traffic signals, this should occupy you for quite a while!  

Even if you believe that you know every traffic signal there is, take this Hawaii practice permit test at least once anyway!  Scored 90% or higher the first time?  You are awesome!  Go ahead and skip right to the next drivers practice test you see!  However, if your grade is somewhat lower, we recommend that you linger on this practice permit test a little longer, until your score improves to the recommended level!

Good luck on your drivers permit test and don't forget to share this online practice permit test for Hawaii with friends, you are not the only one in need of quality permit test study materials!