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Kudos on finally making the decision to study for your Hawaii permit test, trust us, you won't regret it!  Did you know that more than a half of drivers permit applicants fail the exam on their first visit to the DMV?  It is amazing how so many people choose to ignore all of the free drivers test study guides, practice tests, booklets and decide that winging the DMV exam is really worth a try.  Fortunately, you have made the right decision, so let us welcome you to the first free Hawaii practice permit test 2020!

There is one common mistake we see among people who decide to study for the DMV permit test and that is to opt in for a huge practice permit test with hundreds of different drivers permit test questions right from the start.  We understand the reasoning behind this approach - the more questions I cover, the better I get.  There is some logic behind this, but studies show that this approach is far from ideal, in fact, it can do more damage than good.  If you don't have much experience with driving rules and road signs, chances are that you will miss quite a few questions on your first online Hawaii practice permit test.  You may be thinking that it is all right, since you will memorize the answers and will do better next time.  That's where you would be wrong again.  Say, you take a free practice permit test with 100 questions and you miss half of those questions.  This would mean that you need to learn 50 new permit test questions.  Chances are that you are not one of those people with eidetic memory and learning so many new driving rules at once may prove to be problematic and your grade won't show any significant improvements as you keep on retaking your Hawaii practice permit test over and over again.  This can create a permanent feeling of failure and disappointment, which in turn may discourage you from continuing your study sessions.   This is why a shorter practice quiz, such as this 2020 Hawaii permit practice test, works so much better - it slowly submerges you into the world of driving rules and builds up your self confidence, without leaving you feeling lost and overwhelmed. Learn to walk before you run, we will never grow tired of repeating that!

For the reasons stated above, this free practice permit test for Hawaii targets beginner drivers and consists of 20 simple DMV test questions that can be learned quickly, without having to call upon any outside resources and drivers test study guides.   All questions revolve around the same theme of driving rules and road signs and cover the rules you can expect to see on the real Hawaii DMV permit test.  Questions on the practice quiz are multiple choice, every question has four possible answers and only one of those answers is correct.  Don't rush with picking the first option you see, even if it looks right, make sure to read through all of the provided answers and choose the one that fits best.  The practice permit test offers immediate feedback and you will know whether you picked the right choice instantly.  Wait, it get better. Not only will this online permit practice test for Hawaii display the right answer alongside the one you have chose, it will also provide a detailed justification for that answer, with more details on the driving rule that is being discussed.  Make sure to read these explanations as they can save you hours you will otherwise have to spend researching the drivers manual. 

Let us stop on the drivers handbook for just a moment.  If you have not read the 2020 Hawaii drivers manual yet - do so now.  There is a reason why the book is nicknamed the Hawaii test study guide - you really can't find a better, more comprehensive study resource when it comes to preparing for the drivers permit test.  The entire DMV exam is based on the information put forth in the booklet, all of the questions on this sample Hawaii practice permit test are based on the book, there is really no reason not to read it!  You don't have to memorize the whole book, just quickly skim through the manual once or twice and then polish it off with a few sample practice tests!

Remember, passing the DMV permit test does not have to be hard, all it takes is a little time and a great Hawaii practice permit test that covers 2020 driving rules and road signs!  Make sure to check out other drivers practice tests on the site too!