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Thinking about saving some time by not studying road signs?  You better think again because you are about to commit a mistake that may cost you your drivers permit! Road signs is an extremely important part of the Hawaii permit test and you would do well to study them before you choose to pay the DMV a visit! Don't think that drivers permit test questions on road signs are all common sense, some of them can be quite tricky.  Prepare for the challenge with our free Hawaii road signs practice permit test 2020!

There is a very simple explanation for the fact that so many people choose to ignore road signs when they are studying Hawaii permit test questions - road signs just seem to be too easy!  We are exposed to road signs from a very early age, we see them almost every day, on the way to school, on the way to work, when we are walking the street or when we are riding in the car with friends and relatives.  Traffic signs are really everywhere, in fact, they are so common that we frequently fail to pay any attention to them, we grow accustomed to seeing them all the time and we get the notion that we know everything there is to know about road signs.  Unfortunately, this is far from being true.  While most of us can distinguish between a stop sign and a yield sign, we get lost as soon as we go a little deeper.  How many of us, those who do not currently hold a Hawaii learners permit or drivers license, possess the skill of identifying road signs by shape?  How many of us can distinguish between different groups of traffic signs just by looking at their color?  These skills are essential for passing the DMV permit test and for becoming a safe driver, yet most of those preparing for the exam choose to ignore the topic to save time (we are not even going to mention all those people who believe that they can wing the whole test without ever opening the drivers manual).

We have designed this awesome free Hawaii practice permit test on road signs to help you learn every traffic sign that may come up on your DMV exam, to make sure that no DMV test question can catch you unawares.  This sample practice permit test uses a similar structure as other practice tests on the website, it contains 20 sample questions, all questions are multiple choice, every questions has only one correct answer and the exam is being graded immediately, as you go through the test.   Here is what's different about this road signs practice test.  Unlike regular practice quizzes, this Hawaii practice permit test on road signs does not use a fixed set of questions, instead, it chooses 20 new random questions every time you begin the exam.  This means a unique practice test every time you refresh the page.  The second difference is obvious - while regular practice tests will cover all driving rules you can expect to see on your drivers permit test, this quiz has questions on road signs and nothing but road signs. 

Now for the good news.  Learning Hawaii road signs does not take long and you can learn all road signs for the 2020 Hawaii drivers permit test without leaving this site.  Just navigate to the section with road signs, where you will find every traffic sign imaginable, broken into categories, along with detailed descriptions for each and every one of them.  Skim through that section, then come back to this road signs practice permit test.  A single practice test takes about 5-7 minutes to complete, not that big of a deal, especially if you consider the hours you might have to spend on repeat DMV visits, should you fail the exam.  

Take this free Hawaii road signs practice permit test 2020 every day for a week and you will notice dramatic improvements in your drivers permit test score!  Good luck!