Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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We want to be absolutely, one hundred percent honest with you and we want to make one thing clear from the start - we do not encourage cheating on the drivers permit test, in fact, we are against it and we will do everything in our power to convince you that you don't need to cheat on the test either!  Learning all of the road rules and road signs you need to know for the DMV permit test doesn't take that much time and this free Hawaii DMV cheat sheet for the 2020 permit test makes it even easier!

Do you know why people choose to cheat on the DMV permit test?  They believe that  preparing for the exam takes countless hours of studying rules and regulations, reading the drivers test study guide, doing all these "boring things".   In this light, the ability to download a Hawaii DMV cheat sheet to your cell phone in the form of a pdf file or to obtain a print out with all DMV permit questions and answers looks extremely appealing.  However, is it really that simple?  Not necessarily!  Those who believe that cheating the DMV is the easy way should consider the following things.  First, obtaining a valid permit test cheat sheet that has DMV question for the 2020 exam.  Trust us, most of those free DMV cheat sheets you will see online will feature outdated questions, the good ones will cost you at least a few bucks per print out.  Second, think about the complications you will face while trying to use the cheat sheet at your local DMV office.  Remember, the Hawaii DMV permit test is not an open book exam, the clerks won't just let you peek all permit test answers off the cell phone or some print out you will bring. In fact, they will do quite the opposite - if they see you copying DMV test answers off your cell phone, you will be failed and escorted out of the office.

Consider the above factors and tell us - is cheating really the easiest option?  We think not.  This is why we have chosen to build this permit test cheat sheet as a massive free Hawaii DMV practice test, a practice test that will allow you to prepare for the exam in no time!  We guarantee that if you invest sufficient time into working on this DMV cheat sheet, you won't have to cheat on the real exam and you will pass with flying colors!

Those who have already taken a DMV practice test or two on the website already know the drill - multiple choice questions on road signs and road rules all the way, immediate feedback, detailed explanations for test answers.  Here is something new, though.  This sample DMV practice test for Hawaii is structured the same way the real drivers permit test is.  This means 40 questions and you will need to answer no less than 32 of them correctly to pass, although we recommend that you keep working on the online cheat sheet until you can answer to less than 36 questions every time, just to play it safe.  Another thing that is different from regular Hawaii practice permit tests on the site is the fact that the DMV cheat sheet does not use a fixed set of DMV test questions, choosing random questions from knowledge base every time and building custom exams.  Do you know what this means?  Unlimited free DMV practice tests you can take over and over again, until you are fully satisfied with your grade!

Some of you might have noticed that all this sounds suspiciously similar to the Hawaii permit test Simulator we also happen to offer on the site.  You are right, with one minor exception.  The drivers permit test simulator was designed to follow the format of the real exam to the smallest detail and that means no cheating of any kind during the quiz.  No such problem with the DMV cheat sheet! In fact, we have integrated a number of study aids, or DMV cheats, as we prefer to call them, right into the system and we urge you to use them whenever you stumble upon a DMV test question you can't answer!