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If your dream is to drive large commercial vehicles for a living, you’re going to need to pass the Arizona Class A test to get your hands on the most advanced commercial driving license. Getting through the MVD permit test and the Class A driving test doesn’t have to be a pipe-dream. You can really get there with our Class A practice test AZ quiz, designed to help you make light work of the 50-question CDL general knowledge exam. Once you’ve aced the 2020 DMV written test for Arizona, you can start taking practical driving lessons in your vehicle of choice with your commercial driving learners permit! This could mean getting behind the wheel of enormous vehicles like flat-bed trucks, triple trailers, livestock carriers and tank trucks. As Class A is the highest level commercial AZ DMV test you can pass, it will also qualify you to drive any smaller vehicle in Class B or Class C – providing you hold the necessary endorsements for that driving situation.

This is a Class A license Arizona practice test quiz, but it also works just as well for Class B and Class learner drivers, so you will not need to find a separate CDL practice test if you want to apply for either of these classes. The reason behind this is that the general knowledge DMV test for AZ follows a standard format for all classes of commercial learner driver. As it only deals with general topics that relate to any type of vehicle, there is no need to have different general knowledge tests for different classes of driver. The distinction between the classes comes in the practical driving test and the smaller endorsement tests which you will tackle later. We have CDL practice tests for the endorsement exams on this website too! If you want to go for Class A, you will at least have to take the Air Brake endorsement and the Combination Vehicle endorsement exams, as all Class A vehicles have these two features. What you do beyond that is entirely up to you! You might wish to use the HazMat DMV CDL practice test to study for an endorsement in transporting hazardous materials; or perhaps you’ll need the Passenger DMV quiz to study for an endorsement which enables you to transport passengers. It is all dependent on what you ultimately dream of doing with your commercial driving license.

You should stick with revising for the more extensive general knowledge DMV written test for 2020 for now; rest assured that when you are ready there will be a suitable endorsement CDL practice test for Arizona here waiting for you! In addition to this DMV permit practice test, you’re going to need an up-to-date copy of the AZ DMV handbook, which can be obtained for free from the MVD website. All the general knowledge you will need to pass your Class C, Class B or Class A license test in Arizona is in this DMV booklet – there is no way to pass the test without it. Our expert team recommend that you study the handbook but break up your time by answering DMV test questions on this 2020 CDL practice test regularly. With this fun, interactive Arizona CDL quiz, you will be able to reaffirm what you’ve learned and actually enjoy getting ready for the exam!

This mini DMV practice test AZ quiz is a great introductory test with only 20 multiple-choice questions! How about taking it for a test-drive now?