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When it comes to taking the NY motorcycle permit test, we have a winning recipe that is guaranteed to help you pass the test the first time around.  No voodoo magic, no cheating and no chance for failure.  All it takes to pass the DMV test is the right study materials and we have exactly what you need - a motorcycle drivers manual and an awesome New York state motorcycle practice permit test with real DMV questions and answers! All of the materials are free and available to you right now, don't waste anymore time and dive right in!

While working on motorcycle practice tests is by far a more popular option, we always recommend that you start by reading the official NY motorcycle drivers manual.  Why would you want to read the book if you can simply learn all permit test answers from these practice tests?  Because you are not studying just to be able to pass the test, you are learning how to stay safe and the book does a great job at that, as it is filled with tonnes of advice on defensive driving and safe riding techniques.  Learning with the help of a motorcycle DMV practice test is like trying to memorize a bunch of facts without knowing how they are connected among themselves.  The motorcycle DMV drivers manual shows you the bigger picture and helps you understand why you should do things the certain way.  Besides, the book is free and not as lengthy as you may think, make sure you download it and read it, even if it's nothing but a quick look-through.

Done with the drivers manual?  Welcome back to your NY motorcycle practice test!  20 multiple choice permit test questions that cover all aspects of riding a motorcycle: going through intersection, drug and alcohol awareness, fast and slow turns, riding at night and keeping a safe following distance.  All of the questions were verified against the 2019 driver handbook, so you can be sure you are studying the right, up to date stuff.

Those who feel comfortable with this New York state motorcycle practice permit test (NY) 2019 and want to try something more challenging can try their wits against the motorcycle DMV test Simulator, a practice quiz with over 100 permit test questions that change every time! Good luck!