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Ready to trade your car in for a motorcycle and the only thing standing between you and the open highway is the NYS motorcycle permit test?  You are in the right place!  Prepare for the DMV written test quickly, easily and have fun in the process, with the help of our awesome New York motorcycle practice permit test (NY) 2019! Twenty multiple choice questions to get the ball rolling and not leave you feeling overwhelmed!  Dive right in or keep reading for a few quick facts about our DMV permit test!

As you might have already noticed, our motorcycle practice permit test NY quiz has 20 questions, all of them multiple choice with three or four answers provided for every question.  This is what the real NY motorcycle permit test is like, so why stray from something you will have to face at the office?  However, the DMV practice test does have a few key differences you need to be aware of!

For starters, all of the questions on this NYS practice permit test for motorcycles were carefully pre-selected.  We know how hard it is for beginners to start studying and we don't want you to feel overwhelmed by the experience, so easy questions only.  As soon as you feel more comfortable with these questions, you can proceed to the next NY motorcycle practice test - the difficulty of exams will rise as you move through the lineup!

Here is another feature that makes this 2019 NYS motorcycle practice permit test different from the real test - the study aids!  Since our practice permit test is a study tool, we have integrated a number of aids to help you study faster!  Choose between helpful hints and the 50/50 options whenever you are stuck and don't go for a random answer every again!

Enjoy your free New York State motorcycle practice permit test (NY) 2019 and don't forget to share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter! Good luck at the office!