New York Motorcycle Practice Permit Test (NY) 2020

Your first motorcycle permit test NY quiz! 20 easy DMV questions and answers to get the ball rolling!

  • 20 Questions
  • 80% Passing Score
  • 4 Mistakes Allowed
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New York Motorcycle Test Facts

  • Questions: 25
  • Correct answers to pass: 20
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Test locations: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Offices
  • Test languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Improve your chances of passing the test by reading the official New York drivers manual Drivers Manual

To qualify for a motorcycle permit in New York, applicants must study for and pass a dedicated DMV permit test. Much like the car driver’s exam, this assessment covers everything that prospective permit holders must know before getting on the road, with an emphasis on motorcycle safety. If you are keen to get ready for the assessment and start learning to drive a motorcycle as soon as possible, use the NY DMV practice permit test provided on this page to guide your studies. When used as intended alongside the DMV motorcycle handbook, this sophisticated learning tool can dramatically reduce the time it takes to prepare for the permit test, while leaving you with a better chance of passing it first time.

Irrespective of where you will be taking the DMV written test in New York, this 2020 practice permit test contains the questions and answers you need. Every DMV test office in NYC, Rochester, Buffalo and elsewhere in the state conducts the motorcycle permit test in the same way. The paper you are presented with will contain 25 multiple-choice questions, from which you must provide at least 20 correct permit test answers. What sets our NY DMV practice test for 2020 applicants apart from many other online revision tools, is that it is built using the exact same parameters as the real motorcycle test. This quiz will simultaneously show you what the real DMV written test will be like, while giving you a chance to apply what you have learned from the study guide.

The NY permit test study guide for motorcyclists details every topic you may be assessed on during the permit test. By working through each section of the guide, you will learn about accident evasion, defensive driving techniques, helmet laws, passenger rules and everything else that an aspiring motorcyclist most know to drive on public roadways safely. While you cannot reasonably get ready for the DMV permit test in New York without reading the study guide, you do not have to rely on it exclusively. All official DMV recommendations seem to suggest that the motorcycle handbook is the only resource you need, though the evidence shows that students who also use a motorcycle permit practice test for NY learners stand a much better chance of passing the assessment.

Of course, DMV practice permit tests are only as useful as the material they contain. Using an out-of-date or wildly inaccurate quiz which references the wrong information would more than likely jeopardize your chances of passing the NY permit test. For this reason, we strongly recommend sticking with the free practice permit test for 2020 applicants we provide and avoiding other online tests. As the DMV written test questions and answers included on this test are all checked to be in accordance with the study material in the motorcycle permit book, you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are relevant to the exam you are taking. In fact, many of the questions on our NY DMV practice test have been taken from real exam papers, meaning that they likely still exist in the DMV database! While we cannot make any predictions about the questions you will be asked during the motorcycle written test, there is a good chance that some of our questions will be among them.

When you are ready to start learning, click the button on this page to begin our New York DMV practice permit test. You do not need to be concerned with earning a fantastic score right away, as you are welcome to retake the quiz as many times as you feel is necessary in the run up to the permit test.