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Stressed over the upcoming NY DMV motorcycle permit test?  We know the feeling, we've been there ourselves.  However, there is an easy solution to the anxiety you are experiencing and that is being 100% prepared for the DMV written test and knowing that there is simply no way for you to fail!  Learning all of the NY state motorcycle permit test questions and answers is not as hard as you may think and this 2019 NYS DMV motorcycle practice test will help you get started on that!

True to the format of many other motorcycle practice permit tests on the website, this New York DMV practice test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that come from a variety of different subjects you need to be aware of before you take the real written test.  Signaling to other drivers, passing, avoiding riding in blind zones, carrying passengers and accident prevention - it's all right there, in this free practice test and you can take take the exam with you wherever you go.  It takes five minutes or less to complete this NYS DMV motorcycle permit practice test, so you can do it on the bus to work, while you're taking a break at school or even as you're lounging in front of that TV - five minutes of your time now and then can really make a difference between passing and failing the NY DMV permit test.

What do you do once you're done with the motorcycle DMV practice test?  This really depends on your score.  If you have answered at least 90% of these New York motorcycle permit test questions correctly - time for you to move on to the next practice test.  Didn't score quite as high?  No stress, simply repeat the NYS DMV motorcycle practice test once again and watch your grades rise right in front of your eyes.  Finally, once you are satisfied with your results, go ahead and upgrade to a more challenging exam!

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