Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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We know that passing the motorcycle permit test in NY is not easy - and this is why we are here to help! We want to be fully honest with you and there is one thing we have to make very clear right from the start - if you are looking for ways to cheat on the New York DMV motorcycle permit test - this cheat sheet is not for you!  We don't believe in cheating on the DMV exam, see no point in trying to do so and won't help you do it!  This is why we are not offering you to download a permit test cheat sheet to your smart phone and then copy answers off that pdf file.  Trust us, the approach has been tried, it rarely works and you get into a lot of trouble if you get caught.  There is another way, a better way, to guarantee that you pass the written test on your first visit to the office and that is to actually study the rules of the road with the help of this free motorcycle DMV permit test cheat sheet!

The question that worries more than a few students is how similar are sample questions on this NY motorcycle practice permit test to the ones they will get at the DMV office.  A reasonable question indeed, you want to be sure you are studying the right stuff and are not spending any more time than you have to while doing so.  Sample DMV written test questions for this practice quiz come from a few sources:  the real knowledge test itself and the official motorcycle test study guide, the book the entire DMV exam is based upon.  We verify all of our permit test questions against the latest 2020 version of the book and update the information as needed whenever driving laws change, so you can be sure that you are studying the rules that will be on the test.  If anything, our New York motorcycle practice permit test is more comprehensive than the real exam is, with over 100 sample questions in the knowledge base, there isn't a driving rule you won't cover!

This free NY motorcycle permit test cheat sheet is structured just like the real exam.  Twenty five permit test questions and you need to answer to less than twenty of them correctly to pass. The DMV cheat sheet will grade you as you answer each question and you find out whether your answer is correct immediately after selecting the answer. Whenever you make a mistake (and don't worry about making mistakes too much at this point, they are just opportunities to learn!), the cheat sheet will show you the right answer so you can memorize it and do better next time!  Now, here is the fun part!  Regular New York DMV permit practice tests you might have taken previously display the same set of questions each and every time. The motorcycle DMV cheat sheet works differently.  Whenever you log into the site to begin working on the cheat sheet, it select 25 random DMV test questions from the knowledge base and builds a custom cheat sheet just for you!  With over 100 NYS motorcycle permit test answers in the knowledge base, you will never run out of unique practice permit tests to study!

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