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Looking for answers to the 2019 NYS motorcycle permit test?  We've got them and they are all yours to study! Being able to learn exactly what's going to be on the permit test is a great opportunity and it significantly increases your chances of passing the DMV written test the first time (provided that you invest sufficient time into studying), but don't lose the sight of what's really important and why you are learning these things in the first place.  The New York motorcycle permit test was not set in place just because the DMV would like you to jump a few extra hoops before allowing you to ride on the road, the primary reason behind the test is your safety and the safety of those around you.  Riding a motorcycle is significantly more dangerous that riding a car - a rider is not protected by the bulk of the vehicle around him and the motorcycle handles very differently from the car.  This is why it is extremely important that you not only study NY DMV motorcycle permit test answers, but learn the underlying concepts as well, so by the time you are out chasing your dreams, you can do it in a safe and responsible manner.

Your NYS motorcycle practice permit test has 20 multiple choice questions, similarly to many other online practice tests on the website.  Every question features three or four answers and only one of the answers is correct.  Don't rush with picking a random option if you don't know the correct answer off the top of your head - our DMV practice test has integrated study aids that can help you tackle virtually any problem!  Start by requesting a hint - a snippet of additional information designed to guide you towards the right answer.  Still nothing?  Shoot for the 50/50 option and have half of incorrect answers eliminated.  Now you just need to pick among the two remaining options!

This exam is a study tool and as such, it has additional features to help you study.  Whenever you answer a DMV question incorrectly, our 2019 motorcycle permit practice test NY quiz will not only show you the correct answer, but will fashion a clear explanation of why that particular answer is correct.  Make sure to take a moment and read through those explanations, they really help the answer stick so you don't have to keep retaking the practice permit test again and again.

Finally, don't forget to check out the official New York motorcycle drivers manual!  The book is very concise, yet it is loaded with information that will help you understand how to ride a motorcycle safely.  Besides, the book free, it goes great with this New York motorcycle permit practice test (NY) 2019 and it significantly increases your chances of passing the motorcycle permit test the first time you take it, so why waste the opportunity?  Good luck and godspeed!