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If you have not started studying for the motorcycle DMV written test yet and the only question in your mind is "how many questions are on the NY motorcycle permit test in 2019", let us stop you right there.  It really doesn't matter how many questions are on the test if you don't study - you are not going to pass anyway! The number of questions on the permit test makes no difference - you either know your stuff or you don't.  Sure, you could try to "cheat" by taking a few motorcycle practice tests and memorizing NYS motorcycle permit test questions and answers, but the only person you would be cheating is yourself, and here is why.

It is no secret than riding a motorcycle is significantly more dangerous than riding a car.  A motorcyclists is not protected by 4000 pounds of steel around him and any accident is more likely to end up with injuries.  That is one of the reasons why the motorcycle permit test is so much different from the regular NY permit test - it does not deal with driving rules or road signs that much, but it does dive deep into accident prevention, defensive driving techniques, protection gear a motorcyclist can use and predicting actions of other drivers you share the road with.  The motorcycle permit test is all about staying safe (and so is this New York state motorcycle practice test, by the way), it is the final checkpoint the DMV has set for you so you can check whether you are ready for the challenge or maybe you should step back and invest a little more time into preparing so you can have a lengthy, enjoyable and safe riding career.

We want you to keep this in mind while you are working on your NY motorcycle practice test, going through DMV questions and wondering why are you even doing this.  You are really killing two birds with one stone here - studying for the DMV written test and learning how to stay safe on the road.  Spending a few extra minutes on the test and covering a few extra motorcycle permit test questions can really mean the difference between life and death some day in the future, so don't throw away this opportunity.  Work on your free New York motorcycle practice test (NY) 2019, read the official motorcycle drivers manual and good luck at your local DMV office!