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Aspiring motorcycle permit holders in Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and elsewhere in New York must pass a general knowledge motorcycle permit test at the DMV office, to be allowed to ride on the roads. This is true whether you are an existing license holder hoping to earn a motorcycle endorsement, or whether you are exclusively applying for a motorcycle license. If you want to shorten your preparation time for the DMV permit test and make sure you have learned enough to pass it, take regular study breaks to complete the DMV practice permit test for New York learners on this page. Using this resource, you can see exactly how challenging the real DMV written test will be!

The NY DMV motorcycle test contains more questions than the car driver’s general knowledge test, though both exams are equally difficult to pass. When you travel to your local exam center to take the motorcycle test, you will be presented with a computerized exam containing 25 multiple-choice questions. To walk out with your motorcycle permit in hand, you must answer at least 20 of those questions correctly. We use the same number of questions and the same pass threshold on our DMV learners permit practice test for New York drivers, to give you a realistic taste of the challenge ahead. There are a broad range of topics addressed during the DMV motorcycle test, all of which you can learn about using the 2020 edition of the NY motorcycle handbook. Safety is a particularly pertinent issue for motorcyclists, as they are subject to a far greater risk of being involved in serious collisions than the drivers of larger vehicles. The material in the permit test study guide reflects this. While the car license exam focuses primarily on rules of the road and road signs, the NY motorcycle license test deals with defensive driving techniques, how to avoid accidents, braking techniques, managing space on the roadway and helmet laws – to name a few of the more important topics. During your studies, you will also need to learn about forming safe driving habits, to minimize your risk of being involved in a collision on your motorcycle.

It is not essential to read the entire permit book before you start working with this NY DMV practice permit test, though it will help you to answer more questions correctly. Many students prefer to use this quiz to get an idea of the kind of questions they are seeking to answer, before diving into the study material. How you choose to organize your studies is ultimately up to you, though you will need to read the study guide from cover to cover at least once. To support the lessons in the motorcycle handbook, our 2020 practice permit test for New York students features useful guidance tools to give you a deeper understanding of the topics you are dealing with. At any point throughout the quiz, you may click on the ‘hint’ button beside the question to be given more information and a handy clue about the answer. If you are having trouble finding the correct solution, try the ‘50/50’ function instead. This will make it easier to choose the right response, by deleting 50% of the incorrect answers presented with the question.

Using these tools can be fun and informative when you first begin working with the practice motorcycle permit test for NY drivers, though you should avoid becoming overly dependent on them. When you take the real motorcycle permit test, you will only have your own knowledge of the test topics to guide you.