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If your dream commercial driving job involves carrying passengers, whether that be in a taxi, a small school bus or a large interstate bus, you will need to add a NY passenger endorsement or P endorsement, to your main commercial drivers license. Finding the right study resources to prepare for this DMV written test is quite straight-forward, as every DMV test office in the state uses the same material for their exams. Whether you choose to sit the permit test in Albany, New York City, Rochester or Buffalo, the content and assessment criteria of your NY CDL passenger test will not vary. What you have found here on this page is a New York passenger endorsement practice test designed for aspiring commercial drivers in the state that wish to transport passengers. This branch of commercial driving has its own endorsement exam as it requires some specialist knowledge of safety procedures, rules and regulations, just as other commercial driving roles do. This NY passenger practice test 2020 quiz will work best alongside the permit test study guide and can help you learn everything necessary to become a qualified passenger vehicle driver.

So, what special considerations are there for operating a passenger vehicle? Browsing through some questions on this CDL NY practice test will give you a taste of the subjects that will be addressed during the real DMV permit test. Reading the passenger vehicles section of the permit book is the only way to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the material you will need to pass the assessment, so you should not think of this New York DMV practice permit test as a short-cut to get out of studying the manual. Trying to get through the NY DMV passenger test just by working on this quiz will almost definitely result in a fail, as the questions featured here may not be the same as those that come up on the real randomized test. This DMV CDL practice test for New York drivers exists to give you an idea of what to expect from the permit test and a chance to practice answering some real permit test questions. Eventually you will need a larger supply for DMV written test questions and answers, which you can get from using our passenger test cheat sheet.

Before using this practice passenger test to revise for the P endorsement exam, you should focus on studying CDL general knowledge material with our NY DMV general knowledge practice test. Every commercial driver must sit this assessment before moving on to other endorsement exams, so it is best not to confuse your study plan by adding in information from other DMV written tests until you need it. You should also consider carefully what type of passenger vehicle you hope to drive, as Class B school bus drivers and Class A interstate bus drivers must obtain the mandatory endorsements relative to those classes before taking the passenger vehicles test in New York.

This CDL passenger vehicles practice test for NY drivers will quiz you on pre and post-trip inspection, vehicle safety standards, communicating with passengers and various other rules and regulations. If you have already begun familiarizing yourself with the study material in the Passenger Vehicles section of the permit book you should have a reasonable idea of what is in store. As it happens, you can start working on this free passenger CDL practice test even if you have not yet downloaded a copy of the permit test study guide, as it is designed to benefit experienced students and totally new learners alike! So, what are you waiting for?