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Looking for a New York CDL Class B practice test?  We can hook you up!  This NY CDL practice test 2020 features 20 new questions for the general knowledge test and is good for both Class B and Class A drivers license!  How can this be?  Quite simple, in fact.  When you are applying for a class B commercial drivers license in New York, you have to take the general knowledge test and the air brakes test (if you are going to operate a vehicle equipped with air brakes).  When you are applying for a class A driver's license, you take the same CDL general knowledge test, the same air brakes test and you must also take the combination vehicles exam.  This need to take an additional NY combination vehicles test is what really separates the testing procedure for a Class A license from the testing procedure for a Class B license, and it is the same all over the state, from the New York City to the Town of Hempstead and Brookhaven. The good news is that this free NY CDL practice test will help you prepare for the general knowledge test regardless of the license class you are applying right now!

One the things that make this New York CDL practice test stand out from other study tools out there is its format, with multiple choice and true or false questions, immediate grading and helpful integrated study aids.  Most of the study materials for the New York commercial drivers license come in the form of flash cards, with no choices provided along with the question, which makes these tools somewhat hard to use for those who are just starting off on the journey towards their commercial license.  The official New York CDL drivers manual is even worse in that sense, as it provides readers with sample permit test questions, but does not offer any answers.  You may think that you know the correct answer, but there is no way to verify whether you are right or wrong.  On the contrary, this CDL practice permit test NY quiz always provides you a number of options you can choose from and lets you know whether you have picked the right one.  Whenever you make a mistake, the CDL practice test alerts you to the error, displays the correct answer and even provides a detailed explanation for the question, so you do not have to prowl the NY CDL drivers manual for information during the test.

While we are on the subject of the drivers handbook, we want to make one thing clear: working on the 2020 New York CDL practice test is not a substitute to reading the CDL manual.  Practice permit tests may help you memorize a bunch of NYS permit test answers and increase your chances of passing the DMV written test, but they will never be as comprehensive as the permit test study guide.  Operating a heavy commercial vehicles requires the extra knowledge and experience only the handbook can give you, so be sure to buckle down and go through the book at least once.  Oh, and in case you are wondering - there is no separate drivers manual for the New York Class B commercial drivers license, the regular CDL drivers manual is good for all driver's license classes!

Enjoy this free New York CDL practice test (NY) 2020 for a class B commercial drivers license and good luck at the DMV!