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If you are an aspiring Class A commercial driver from New York City, Albany, Rochester or Buffalo, the resources we offer here on ePermitTest.com can get you through you DMV written test assessments smoothly. Among other exams, driving a very large Class A commercial vehicle demands a pass on the NY CDL Combination test. The New York Combination CDL practice test on this page targets that permit test specifically. This quiz is designed to support your learning from the NY CDL general knowledge study guide, which you can download free of charge from the DMV website or here on ePermitTest.com in a matter of moments. Using these two resources side-by-side is by far the most effective way to revise for the Combination Vehicles endorsement exam.

Before you dive in and begin using our NY CDL Combination practice test to brush up on your combination vehicle knowledge, consider whether this is the right time to be doing so. No matter what class of commercial vehicle you hope to drive, you will need a pass on the DMV general knowledge test 2020 exam before taking your training further with any endorsements. The CDL general knowledge permit test is the same for every commercial driver, as it covers general rules of the road, road signs and vehicle operation theory. It contains a whopping 50-questions and is quite challenging, but our CDL general knowledge practice test for New York driving students can get you through it in no time. Once you have studied for, booked and passed the initial DMV permit test with a grade of 80 percent or above, you can begin using this DMV CDL practice test for NY combination vehicle applicants to study for your first Class A endorsement exam.

Irrespective of what kind of Class A vehicle you intend to operate, you will need to sit the CDL combination test for NY students, as all Class A vehicles are categorized as combination vehicles. Air braking systems are another common feature of Class A vehicles, so you will need to pass the Air Brakes endorsement DMV test at a minimum, before taking practical lessons. In addition to this Class A license NY practice test for combination vehicles, we have an Air Brakes endorsement quiz available for free unlimited use on the website. The New York combination CDL test and the Air Brakes test are the only two mandatory endorsement exams associated with Class A commercial driving licenses, though it is likely you will need further qualifications to prepare you for your chosen line of work. For instance, driving a Class A tanker vehicle requires a Tanker Vehicles endorsement; while transporting hazardous materials can only be done with a HazMat endorsement. If either of these apply to your goals, we suggest checking out the appropriate DMV practice permit test quizzes on our website, once you have passed the two compulsory assessments and CDL general knowledge test.

Our CDL combination practice test for NY applicants works in symphony with the permit test study guide, by presenting you with a short series of legitimate permit test questions like those you will encounter during the permit test. Applying what you have learned from the permit book about breaking distances, crossing railways, lane changing, turning, vehicle inspection and skid prevention to our DMV test questions will show you whether you have done enough to pass the real learners permit test in New York. If there is anything in the DMV handbook you have misunderstood or not fully absorbed, it is better to find out before you make the journey to the DMV test office! Got five minutes to spare? Try our free NY CDL Class A combination practice test today!