Passing any of the written exams associated with the NY commercial driving license can be a breeze, if you go about it the smart way. That means ignoring any unofficial study guides, flash cards and permit test practice quizzes – at least to begin with – and focusing your energy on learning from the CDL DMV manual for New York. This is an all-inclusive study guide written and published by the NY Department of Motor Vehicles, specifically to assist commercial driving students from NYC, Albany, Rochester and everywhere else in New York in passing the DMV permit test. We’re not saying that all other study aids are useless, far from it! When you’re further along in your studies, using a CDL practice test for New York will give you a huge advantage during the actual exam. But before you start using this kind of resource, you need to make sure you’re studying the correct material for the specific exam you’re taking, and that you have covered everything. This is where the NYS driver’s manual for 2021 comes in!

There are several types of NY DMV written test which you might need to take on your journey to becoming a fully-qualified commercial driver. The first of these is the CDL general knowledge DMV permit test and it is mandatory for all students. A total of 50 multiple-choice permit test questions will be featured on the exam; they focus exclusively on basic driving knowledge that is relevant to all commercial drivers, regardless of the load they transport or the vehicle they drive. Keeping this in mind will make it easy to find the material you need for this exam in your New York state drivers manual. Any practical driving information which applies to all drivers will appear on the permit test. These are subjects like basic vehicle control, space management, communicating, vehicle inspection, road rules and road sign meanings. The clear contents section at the start of your NY drivers handbook will point you in the right direction.

There are also individual chapters in NY driver’s handbook for endorsement exams such as HazMat, School Bus, Tanker Vehicles and Air Brakes. If you’re just studying for the CDL general knowledge NY DMV permit test at the moment, you will not need to memorize the information in the endorsement chapters. Even if you know you will need a specific endorsement for your preferred career, you should avoid confusing yourself with too much information if you haven’t yet passed the general knowledge test. It is best to deal with each exam individually. Equally speaking, if you have already passed the general knowledge DMV test for 2021, you will not be questioned on that material again, so you can skip over chapters pertaining to basic road rules, road signs and so on. Unless of course you just want to use the CDL drivers manual for NYC to refresh your knowledge!

Once you’ve begun to acquaint yourself with the material in the New York driving manual, you can start reinforcing your new knowledge by completing a DMV practice permit test. We have several such permit test practice quizzes on, each suited to different stages of your studies. For a full-length general knowledge quiz, you might try our DMV cheat sheet! If you’re applying for a commercial driving license endorsement, don’t worry, we have a free NY DMV practice test for each of those exams too! Go get your copy of the 2021 NY permit test study guide from the DMV website now. When you download a digital copy via PDF, it’s completely free!

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