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We love motorcycles and that is why we are so super-excited to be able to give back to the community and to provide other potential riders with an opportunity to study for the NJ motorcycle DMV written test with the help of these interactive practice permit tests!  While we don't deny the usefulness of the official New Jersey motorcycle drivers manual and recommend that every would-be rider reads it before taking the written test, let's face the truth - the book is far from being the next best-seller and it can be somewhat dull at times. On the other hand, studying with the help of a 2019 NJ DMV motorcycle practice test doesn't take much time, can be done online and is definitely more fun than simply reading the book! However, to maximize your chances of passing the DMV written test, we recommend that you do both - read the official drivers handbook and work on this free motorcycle DMV practice test!

A few quick facts about the DMV practice test you are about to take.  The exam has 20 multiple choice questions, which is a little less than what the real motorcycle DMV written test has.  The reason why the number of questions was reduced is quite simple - we want you to be able to complete this free motorcycle practice test as quickly as possible, so you don't have to spend much time in front of the computer or on your iPhone.  If you're done with your NJ motorcycle practice test and still have some time left, just go ahead and take another quiz, we have quite a few of them available on the site! Finally, once you are done with all of the regular motorcycle practice tests, check out our New Jersey motorcycle test Simulator, a massive practice test built just like the real exam, but with one crucial difference - the Simulator changes the questions every time you take the test!  All of the questions are pulled from a knowledge base with over 200 motorcycle DMV written test questions and answers and a new quiz is built for you every time! Check it out and don't forget to share this New Jersey motorcycle DMV practice test (NJ) 2019 with friends on Facebook and Twitter!