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To earn a motorcycle permit anywhere in New Jersey – whether you’re based in Atlantic City, Princeton or Newark – you will need to pass the DMV motorcycle test. This assessment is conducted for much the same reasons as the regular car driver’s DMV permit test, in that it aims to ensure all new motorcyclists have the skills and knowledge to stay safe while learning to drive. You can find out what will be expected of you during the motorcycle permit test and begin preparing for the exam, using the New Jersey DMV practice test provided here. Our DMV test practice quiz is entirely free to use and will make studying for the permit test a whole lot more fun!

This NJ practice permit test for 2020 learners has been built to accompany the official motorcycle handbook, which can be downloaded free of charge here on ePermitTest.com or from the DMV website. Together, the two resources provide everything you will need to get through the New Jersey motorcycle license test. The handbook covers every major safety topic and consideration in detail, while our DMV learners permit practice test NJ quiz poses genuine permit test questions to help you apply that information. We strongly encourage all aspiring motorcyclists to stick with the New Jersey DMV practice tests we provide, as they are guaranteed to contain accurate and up-to-date material that relates to the exam you will be taking. The parameters of the motorcycle permit test are altered every so often in accordance with changes to current safety guidelines; using an outdated DMV NJ practice permit test would be disastrous and could seriously jeopardize your chances of passing the exam.

New motorcyclists are expected to study defensive driving techniques, accident evasion, helmet laws, passenger rules, space management and various other important topics in preparation for the permit test. When you are ready to take on the assessment, you will be assigned a randomly generated 25-question DMV written test at your local exam center, covering these topics. For the computer to award you a pass, you must answer at least 80% of the questions on the exam paper correctly. Our team of quiz-building experts have designed this DMV motorcycle practice test for New Jersey applicants using the same parameters as the real test, to give you a realistic taste of what you’re up against. Keep in mind that despite having the same number of questions and pass requirement as the real DMV written test in New Jersey, this DMV written practice test is considerably easier to pass. As the quiz has been built for use by new learners, it includes two support tools that can be used to simplify the questions. If you work through the entire 2020 DMV practice test NJ quiz without using the study tools, it is essentially every bit as difficult as the real exam.

Our free practice permit test for New Jersey motorcyclists has been programmed to grade your responses individually, as you go along. Correct permit test answers will be marked in green, while incorrect answers will be marked in red. Should you make a mistake, the quiz will help you learn from the error by showing you which of the remaining multiple-choice answers was truly correct. You will be given the chance to review your answers once more, on the summary page at the end of the quiz. This feedback will improve your chances of answers more questions correctly the next time you use the learner permit practice test, so make sure you take note of it as you work!