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Riding a motorcycle is a dangerous ordeal, there's no denying it.  However, the risk can be minimized by learning safe riding techniques and constantly practicing them on the road.  Motorcycles are much smaller than regular vehicles, they are harder to notice and so defensive driving tactics are even more important for motorcyclists than they are for regular drivers. This is the primary reason why the New Jersey motorcycle permit test has so many questions on accident prevention, safe riding habits, sharing the road with others and generally staying safe.

This free motorcycle practice test NJ quiz helps you prepare for the DMV knowledge test by providing you with real motorcycle permit test questions and answers you can study.  Keeping this in mind, we want to urge you to refrain from simply trying to memorize a bunch of permit test questions and answers in order to do well on the motorcycle DMV written test - the only person you are cheating by doing so is yourself.  The NJ motorcycle permit test is the final checkpoint before you get out on the road, it's your final chance for self-assessment that helps you determine whether you are ready for the experience.  We believe you should take the time to really learn the concept that lie underneath these questions and not simply memorize New Jersey permit test answers to pass the DMV test.

The practice test is quite similar in format to other motorcycle DMV practice tests on the website, so if you have taken at least one of them, you know the drill.  Twenty multiple choice DMV questions, four possible answers for every question and no time restrictions of any kind - take as long as you need to figure out the answer!  Our 2019 NJ motorcycle practice test has integrated study aids that will help you figure out answers to those challenging questions and you should not be shy about using them - it is totally fine to "cheat" this way while you are studying (in fact, we have an entire NJ motorcycle cheat sheet for you to work on), just remember that you won't have this  option while taking the real motorcycle permit test!

Looking for additional study materials to supplement this free New Jersey motorcycle practice test (NJ) 2019?  Check out the official motorcycle drivers manual and good luck at the office!