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Any motorcycle endorsement or permit applicant who is serious about passing the NJ DMV written test 2020 exam first time must include DMV practice tests in their study plan. All the study material for the motorcycle written test is contained in the DMV handbook but reading the manual alone is unlikely to be enough to get you through the permit test. The most successful study routines combine reading the permit test study guide with regular use of authentic New Jersey DMV written practice test quizzes. Using the DMV practice permit test for NJ learners on this page, you can make sure you have understood the study material correctly before taking a chance on the real assessment.

Gaining peace of mind and complete confidence in your ability to pass the New Jersey motorcycle written test first time does not have to cost you a penny. The 2020 practice permit test we offer is entirely free to use and can be accessed instantly, by clicking the ‘start’ button on this page. When you activate the quiz, you will be presented with a series of authentic DMV NJ written test questions and answers. Just like the real motorcycle test, our New Jersey DMV written test practice quiz contains 25 multiple-choice questions which are individually presented beside a short list of possible answers. To complete the test, simply consider each question and click on the answer from the list which you most believe to be correct. You can take your time to think through the information provided, as we have not programmed the quiz with a time limit. However, you will be able to see your finish time alongside your total score on the summary page at the end of the test. This counter has been added simply to give you an additional way to measure your progress! When you first work on the New Jersey DMV practice permit test it may take you ten to 15 minutes to complete each round. Once you become confident with the study material, you should be able to finish the whole test in around three to five minutes.

There are no restrictions placed on the number of times you can use this NJ DMV written practice test, so we encourage you to keep revisiting it until you can earn a perfect score. Like the real exam, passes are awarded during this test when a participant has answered at least 80% of the permit test questions correctly. Do not forget to keep reading the study material in the motorcycle handbook too! While our realistic practice motorcycle permit test for New Jersey applicants can substantially improve your chances of passing the assessment first time, it cannot replace the permit book or provide you with detailed information about the permit test topics. To make sure you are ready to nail the assessment, you should use the motorcycle handbook and this DMV practice written test side-by-side.

While our NJ DMV written test questions and answers are incredible authentic, you may end up with an entirely different set of questions during the real randomized assessment. We know the topics you will be questioned on but not the specific questions you will be asked. This is why every student must read the permit test study guide and answer as many New Jersey DMV test practice questions as possible. Once you can answer every question on this entry-level quiz correctly without use of our study aids, take your written test preparation to the next level with our DMV motorcycle test simulator.