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Use our 2020 DMV practice test for New Jersey learners to apply what you have learned from the motorcycle handbook, and you should have no trouble choosing all the correct permit test answers during the general knowledge test. This free NJ motorcycle practice test does not contain any material from the regular driver’s permit test, as it has been designed specifically for students looking to apply for a motorcycle permit or endorsement. Read through the information on this page to find out how to use the quiz and to get an idea of what to expect from the New Jersey motorcycle permit test.

This DMV practice permit test is suitable for aspiring motorcyclists from Newark, Jersey City, Trenton and elsewhere in the state, as the NJ motorcycle license test is conducted the same way in every city. Applicants sit the same 25-question general knowledge exam regardless of their age, if they are seeking to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or a motorcycle permit. Though, there may be some difference in fees depending on whether you are applying for an endorsement or an original motorcycle license. Our New Jersey DMV practice test for 2020 learners uses the same number of questions as the real permit test, spanning the same selection of topics from the DMV motorcycle handbook. That manual focuses on motorcycle safety, as motorcyclists are subject to far greater risk of being involved in fatal accidents and collisions that other road users. Working through the NJ motorcycle handbook will tell you everything you need to know about accident evasion, managing space around your motorcycle, passenger rules, helmet laws and defensive driving techniques. Using our motorcycle permit practice test for New Jersey students, you can practice applying what you have learned from the study guide to genuine motorcycle test questions.

To give our students the most realistic practice permit test experience possible, our team have sourced real-life permit test questions from the DMV database, previous exam papers and the official NJ permit test study guide. As a result, the material you will encounter while using our resources is exactly like that you will be faced with during the real New Jersey DMV motorcycle test. There is every chance that some of these questions may come up when you sit the assessment, though it is incredibly unlikely that you will be presented with the exact same test on the day. As the DMV permit test is randomly generated using a pool of pre-approved motorcycle written test questions and answers, no student can predict exactly which questions they will be asked. For this reason, it is essential to read through every chapter of the permit book carefully and work on as many DMV practice test NJ questions as possible. When you are satisfied with your grade on this introductory quiz, try our motorcycle permit test cheat sheet or simulator quiz, for an even greater variety of permit test questions.

This New Jersey DMV motorcycle practice test will award a pass if you can answer at least 20 questions correctly, just like the real assessment. We have included some useful study aids on the test which can help you out if you get stuck, so you may reach this score far faster than you think! Just remember that there will be no study aids available to you during the real motorcycle written test, so you will eventually need to learn to get by without them. When you can answer 20 to 25 question on this DMV written practice test correctly without any support, you should be ready to try one of our harder quizzes!