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We believe that nothing beats the real thing and this is exactly how this NJ motorcycle practice test 2019 came to be - we took all of the great motorcycle permit test questions and answers we had, designed a practice test that follows the same format the real test does and ended up with this free permit test Simulator.  Grant you, we did miss a few things while designing the practice quiz: we missed the DMV lines, we missed the drivers license charge you have to pay before the state allows you to take the test, we missed the frowning clerk looking over your shoulder while you are taking the test.  Everything else you can find right here, in this free motorcycle practice test!

How is this permit test Simulator different from regular practice tests you might have taken previously?  For starters, it's the format of this practice exam.  The real motorcycle DMV permit test in New Jersey sports 25 multiple choice questions and so does our permit test Simulator.  This is quite an advance over regular NJ permit practice tests, they only have twenty questions each (the fact that does not make them any less useful).  Then there is also the algorithm used for selecting permit test questions for the practice quiz.  A regular NJ motorcycle DMV practice test has a fixed set of questions and the same set is displayed no matter how many times you take the quiz.  Sure, the order of questions will change, questions will get shuffled around to keep things interesting and to make sure you are staying well engaged.  However, in the end, they are still the same twenty questions.  The story is completely different with this free NJ motorcycle written test Simulator 2019.  Every time you access this page, the system picks 25 random multiple choice questions from the knowledge base and build a custom practice permit test just for you!   The knowledge base contains close to 100 sample motorcycle permit test questions and answers today, which provides you with a an endless supply of unique practice quizzes.  Chances of you receiving the same DMV practice test twice are close to nil.

Unlike topical practice quizzes, such as the New Jersey DMV road sign test, the motorcycle permit test Simulator does not concentrate on any single topics and covers the whole great variety of driving rules, traffic laws, speeding regulations and road signs.  Yup, just like the real knowledge test at the DMV.  Of course, we keep monitoring the real NJ driving test and if the state changes the proportion of, say, drug and alcohol questions on the exam, we do the same to make sure the permit test Simulator is correctly balanced and reflects the standards of the 2019 New Jersey motorcycle MVC exam. 

The passing score for the real permit test in Jersey is 80%, this means being able to answer at least 20 questions correctly.  Having said that, we recommend that you don't stop once you achieve the same grade on this free New Jersey DMV test Simulator.  Practice as much as you can up until the day when you actually visit the office and take the real exam, every five minutes invested into studying these permit test questions increases your chances of passing the real exam too.  Taking time to work on this NJ motorcycle practice permit test now can save you hours in the end, the time you would have possibly spent on repeat visits to the DMV (while we only mention time, you should consider the money too, money on fuel, money on testing charges, etc). 

Enjoy this free New Jersey motorcycle permit test (NJ) Simulator 2019 and don't forget to check out of the official motorcycle manual, the state has done a wonderful job on that booklet!