If you are taking the 2021 DMV written test in Minnesota, for a commercial, regular or motorcycle driving license – we’ve got some great advice for you! Whether you’re based in Minnetonka, Saint Paul or Minneapolis, we’re willing to bet that you’ve heard of the MN DMV handbook. If you’ve landed on our website because you’re wondering how to pass the permit test without reading the book, we need to clear something up right away. This Minnesota driver’s test study guide is produced by the DPS, specifically to help you get through your chosen exam. Ignoring the DMV book for fear that it will be a dull or overly challenging way to prepare for the MN DMV test will only make your life more difficult and could ultimately damage your chances of passing when your exam day rolls around.

This drivers manual is the best source of DMV written test material anywhere online or in the stores. Unlike unofficial permit study guides, you will never have to worry about accidentally studying incorrect or outdated information if you’re using the MN driving test book for 2021. From time to time there are subtle changes made to road rules and the way the driving test is structured, the only way to make sure that the information you’re studying is relevant to the current exam, is to build your study plan around the official Minnesota drivers handbook. You have nothing to lose in giving it a try, as this brilliant guide is given out by the Department of Public Safety, free of charge. Sounds too good to be true right? You can see for yourself right now by going over to the DMV website and selecting a digital copy of your MN driver’s handbook to download as PDF file.

Each DMV written test will assess you on material that is specific to the license you’re applying for, as well as general information that every road user must know, such as rules of the road, driving laws and what different road signs mean. Consequently, there are three separate versions of the Minnesota drivers manual study guide, for commercial driving students, regular driving students and motorcycle driving students. Make sure you download the right edition of the MN driving book for the exam you’re taking, otherwise you could be wasting time studying the wrong material!

You’ll notice straight away how easy it is to find what you’re looking for in the Minnesota driver’s manual, as everything is broken down into neat sections and detailed in the opening contents pages. Motorcycle driving students will have several chapters in their study guide reserved for safe driving habits, defensive driving tactics and traffic accident evasion. Whereas commercial driving students will have considerations which exclusively apply to the CDL DMV permit test for Minnesota, such as vehicle inspection and basic hazardous material rules. There will also be separate sections in the CDL DMV handbook reserved for each of the additional license endorsement exams.

When it comes to testing your new knowledge with some MN DMV test questions and answers, your best option is to use a free DMV practice permit test from our website. Unfortunately, there are not usually many sample permit test questions included in the Minnesota driver’s handbook for 2021 – but we’ve got all you could ever need right here! Many of our questions are sourced from genuine past exam papers, so the permit test answers you come up with will be exactly like those you need during your actual DMV test. You can use our quizzes as often as you like at no cost. Just remember to keep referring to your DMV booklet too!

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