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The fact that traffic signs is not the hardest topic on the Massachusetts permit test does not make them any less important and if you want to pass the RMV exam on your first visit to the office, you better invest a little time into studying them.  The problem with road signs is that it is hard to take them seriously, we see them every day, we know a bunch of common signs and we grow comfortable in the delusion that we have already learned everything there is to learn about them.  The eye-opening event usually comes in the form of a failed written test, when we realize that we need to go beyond the basics and acquire in-depth understanding of how traffic signs help to enforce safety on public roads.

Fortunately, you have an opportunity to study all of the Massachusetts permit test signs before you actually go into the office and chance your luck, with the help of this free Massachusetts road signs practice test.  This MA practice permit test contains a bundle of 20 multiple choice questions that cover the signs you can expect to see on the real exam.  Every question presents you with three or four answers, but only one of the answers is right.  A word of advice - do not rush with choosing the first answer that seems to fit and read through all of the provided options before choosing the best one, you may see a better choice below the one you decided upon first.  Always go for the answer that is most thorough and detailed.

All practice quizzes on the website feature immediate grading and this MA permit practice test on road signs is no exception to the rule.  As soon as you pick one of the provided answers, you know whether you have chosen the right one and should you make a mistake, we always display the correct answer for you.  Once again, don't rush, make sure you read the correct answer at least once before you continue to the next sample question.  Remember, this free Mass practice permit test is not timed, you can take as long as you need working through the quiz! Done with all 20 sample permit test questions?  Check your overall grade!  If you managed to answer at least 18 questions from the practice permit test MA quiz correctly - you're doing awesomely and you should continue on to the next exam (yes, we have prepared quite a few practice tests for you to munch on).  Didn't manage to score quite as high?  Don't worry, simply repeat the road sign practice test once again and you will see your grades improve right in front of your eyes!  

Is there a better way to prepare for your learners permit test?  Of course there is!  Just grab yourself a copy of the Massachusetts drivers manual and use it for reference as you are hammering away at this practice permit test!  A combination of reading the permit test book and taking sample quizzes is really the best way to prepare for the RMV exam!  It's completely free too!  The handbook is free, this Massachusetts practice permit test on road signs is free, preparing for the exam has never been easier!

Enjoy this Massachusetts  practice permit test (MA) 2019 and remember - this is just one of the sample written test quizzes, make sure you go through all of them before you hit the office!  Good luck!